Auspicious Muhurata

It is old saying that "Well begun is half done"

Our Shastra states that we should perform all important work during auspicious Muhurata only to ensure success of the work without facing obstacles. An important work which carries long term effect like new career, change of job / business, marriage, property purchase, shifting to new house, journey, filing court case etc if initiated in inauspicious muhurata, leads to failure or delay with obstacles. 

We see in every day life that people going out and returning safely back home and some meet sudden accidents while traveling which is again connected to planning travel in auspicious muhurata or ignoring the importance of auspicious muhurata respectively. 

Auspicious Muhurata can not change our destiny but it certainly removes problems which we may face non-destined. Muhurata finding process involves your own horoscope also and guides to the extent of even cancelling / postpone of the event if own horoscope indicates concerns. 

It is important and duty of all to protect our lives from invited troubles as we all have enough destined issues to handle in life

Charges Rs 3000 applies for the service

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