Birth Time Rectification

This is the most important aspect of Horoscopy as incorrect birth details lead to wrong predictions and wrong remedies. To get precise predictions from a horoscope, you require accurate birth date and birth time. 

It is possible that there may be some doubts related to time or even day. We do birth time rectification on the basis of past events of current life

  • We send certain questions which are to be answered by the native himself or through discussions with his / her family members.
  • We test all the events of life on different divisional charts along with Rasi and Navamsa charts
  • After doing the above exercise, we ask few more questions if required, to ascertain the accuracy of the rectified time.
  • Than we share your accurate birth time and date and proceed further for giving future prediction
  • This service is covered under "Test Your Astrologer" service and charges Rs 4500 applies for birth time rectification, future predictions and remedies.
for any clarifications regarding this service, please contact 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
921 33 58 369