Medical Astrology Deafness


Astrological Parameters

Primary Factors

1) 3H, 3L & Mercury. Jupiter is also referred but Mercury is significator planet of hearing & hearing mechanism. Jupiter rules over Structural pattern.

2) Kalapurusha Mithuna rasi

Secondary Factors

1) 3H especially for right ear & karaka Mars. 11H for left ear & karaka Jupiter. Kumbha rasi. 11H alone can not give deafness unless 3H is afflicted.

2) As per bhavat bhavam principle, 3H from 3H i.e. 5H. 5H alone can not give deafness & it is just confirmatory tool.

3) Deaf rasis: Tula & Vrischika rasi are considered deaf rasi in forenoon (Sunrise to noon). Dhanu & Makara rasi are considered deaf rasi in afternoon. Concentration of malefic planets in these rasi or afflicted benefic in these rasi or these rasi rising at the time of birth & afflicted can give deafness. 

4) Vayu Tatwa rasis (3/7/11) are also connected to hearing problems & deafness

5) Retrograde planets also give health concerns especially when afflicted

6) Horoscope will have promise of health concern & Lagna or LL or both will be afflicted

7) For health concerns by birth, MD & AD at birth will be connected to 8H

Classical Combinations (give their results in dasa periods)

1) Mercury in trik houses (6/8/12) aspected by Saturn
2) Saturn aspecting Mercury, which happens to be 6L, as well as 6H
3) Mercury placed in 4H from Saturn & 6L in trik houses
4) Mercury & 6L conjunct in trik houses & aspected by Saturn
5) Mercury & Saturn conjunct in 12H gives left ear disease
6) Mercury & 6L in 4H & Saturn in lagna
7) Mercury & Sun conjunct in trik houses & aspected by Saturn & Mars
8) Mercury & Venus in 12H gives defective left ear
9) Mercury, Mars & Moon conjunct in 3/11 houses in Rahu/Ketu axis
10) Malefic in 3/9 & 5/11 axis unaspected by benefic. 3H should be afflicted
11) 3H afflicted & debilitated Venus with Rahu.
12) Venus in Vrishabha or Dhanu lagna & malefic Moon aspecting Venus from 7H. Moon will be considered malefic from Krishna Paksh Ashtami to Shukla Paksha Ashtami
13) Venus in Vrishabha in 6H & malefic Moon aspecting Venus
14) Birth in night, Venus in 5H & Mercury in 6H. It gives difficulties in hearing
15) Moon in lagna / 3H /11H & conjunct malefic & aspected by malefic
16) Malefic in 5th & 9th house and aspected by malefic
17) Full Moon & Venus with malefic
18) Jupiter, 3H & 11H afflicted   

Example Horoscope (Deaf & Dumb)

DOB: 7 October 1985
TOB: 13:32 hours
POB: Delhi

Astrological parameters

Primary factors

1) 3H, 3L Saturn & Mercury, all three are afflicted in rasi chart.
2) Mithuna rasi is occupied by 8L & KP Moon

Secondary Factors

1) Mars is conjunct 6L Venus
2) 11H, 11L Venus & Jupiter is afflicted.
3) 3H from 3H i.e. 5H is in Rahu/Ketu axis. 5L Mars is aspected by Saturn
4) MD / AD lord Jupiter aspects 8H

Horoscope Analysis

1) Dhanu lagna rising afternoon time. Dhanu is deaf rasi in afternoon.
2) Jupiter as LL debilitated in 2H aspected by Saturn. This combination is for deaf & dumb
3) Jupiter as LL in debilitation in Shravana Nakshatra (which rules over ears) & afflicted & placed in Makara rasi which is also deaf rasi.
4) LL Jupiter is weak in Shadbala & 6/8/12 lords are stronger than LL
5) Jupiter in Vrishabha Navamsha which is the rasi of 6th house of rasi chart
6) LL Jupiter's dispositor is Saturn who is placed in Vrischika rasi Which is deaf rasi till noon & mute rasi.
7) LL Jupiter is lord of 22nd Dreshkanna as well as 85th Dwadashamsha & afflicted
5) 3L Saturn in 12H aspected by Mars. Mars also aspects 3H
6) 3L Saturn aspects LL Jupiter
6) Mercury in 11H in Rahu Ketu axis in Vayu Tatwa rasi
7) 11H & 11L are afflicted
7) 2L in mute rasi (4,8,12) & aspected by Mars is combination of dumbness
8) Mercury as a planet & Karka placed in rasi sandhi. Planet placed in rasi sandhi gives concerns for its significations.
9) Saturn is aspecting 6H as well as 6L
10) Saturn is GK
11) Malefic in 5/11 axis
12) 11H & 11L are afflicted
13) Mithuna rasi is occupied by 8L (Krishna Paksha Ashtami) Moon.

OTHER EXAMPLE HOROSCOPES OF DEAF (source: astrodatabank)

1) DOB: 11 February, 1954 (Rodden rating AA)
    TOB: 17:58 hours
     POB: New York, NY, USA

Problem: Born with nerve deafness & over the years, lost total hearing

2) 25 January 1944, 17:10 hours, New York, NY, USA Roddden Rating AA

Problem: Same as above

3) 13 January 1963, 10:05 hours, London, England, Rodden Rating C

Deaf by birth

4) 23 July 1965, 18:43 hours, London, England, Rodden Rating C


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