Medical Astrology Good or bad health

Astrological parameters of Good / Bad Health

1) Lagna / LL
2) Moon
3) Benefics in (especially) Kendra or Trikona
4) Malefic in 3/6/11
5) Sun & AK
6) Nature of signs
7) 6H & 8H
8) Mars / Saturn

1) Lagna: Lagna is strong in following conditions

a) When Lagna bhava is Vargottama
b) Lagna occupied / aspected by unafflicted natural benefic Jupiter, Mercury & Venus makes the lagna strong
c) If planets forming Raj Yoga are placed in lagna, it makes the lagna strong.
d) LL is placed / aspecting lagna
e) Signs rising in lagna makes the lagna strong or weak as mentioned in previous post
f) Natural benefic planets placed in 2/12 houses from lagna makes the lagna strong
g) Laganadhi Yoga i.e. natural benfic planets placed in 6-7-8 houses from lagna makes the lagna strong

Lagna lord

a) Unafflicted LL well placed in Kendra / Trikona / 2H / 11H
b) LL involved in Raj yoga
c) Exalted & unafflicted
d) Vargottama. Debilitated Vargottama is least strong as it can give health troubles & mental worries
e) When unafflicted LL is placed in lagna
f) When second rasi of LL does not fall in 6-8-12 houses, it is auspicious
h) LL placed in friendly rasi especially of natural benefic
i) Unafflicted LL conjunct or aspected by natural benefic
j) Natural benefic in 2/12 houses from LL

2) Moon: Moon is important for health & longevity. A strong Moon gives good physical as well as mental. Moon is strong when

a) There are natural benefic in 2/12 houses from Moon
b) Moon is not in Kemdrum Yoga & conjunct or aspected by natural benefic
c) Moon should not be placed in 3-6-8-11-12 houses

3) Natural malefic planets as lords of kendra are good and natural benefic placed in kendra are very auspicious. Natural benefic in Trikona are also auspicious. Among Trikona, no doubt 9H is considered to be stronger but as far longevity is concerned, 5H is more auspicious as it is Panaphara house & 9H is apoklima house.

5) Natural malefic be ideally placed in Trishdaya houses 3-6-11 as they will provide fighting strength especially when natural benefic are also placed in Kendra. If Kendra are vacant & natural malefic are placed in 3-6-11, it is not so auspicious.

5) Sun is the karaka planet for health. It is natural AK also. Sun should be unafflicted & be placed in kendra / trikona. The house where Sun is placed has good AV points. AK should also be well placed in horoscope like unafflicted and not related to GK

6) Nature of signs as mentioned in previous post are important to appreciate the capacity to fight against diseases

7) 6H / 8H: We donot want 6H/6L or 8H /8L to be weak or afflicted but Lagna / LL should be stronger than them. If 8L is strong but LL is stronger than 8L, it blesses longevity. If 6L is unafflicted & strong, it is auspicious for fighting capacity. 6H /8H should not be connected. Even 12H should also not connect with them. If LL itself is 6L, it should not be afflicted else it will give health problems.We also need to check Garbhashistam. Transit will also indicate whether it will behave like LL or 6L. Garbhashitam gives very significant indications of any congenital problems or any major illness native may suffer in life time. 

8) Mars & Saturn : They should be strong & unafflicted in horoscope

Other factors

1) Unafflicted exalted planets (especially in Kendra) contribute for good health & longevity

2) Planets who are lords of 64th Navamsha, 22nd dreshkanna or 85th Dwadashamsha rasis, are key contributor for health problems. Any major disease is always related to these planets. If these lords are also Maraka planets, afflicted or related to 6/8/12 houses, they become more fatal. Dasa of these planets will give health problems, fear of death & even loss of important relatives. Malefic planets placed in these rasi in rasi chart can give health concerns. In transit, when above rasis are afflicted in rasi chart or above mentioned planets are conjunct close degrees or these planets affect MD/AD lords, they give health problems

3) As per SAV, if lagna & 8H are strong, it is considered auspicious

4) A well placed yogakarka planet even if natural malefic, but unafflicted & not owning bad lordships as mentioned above, is considered to be auspicious for health & longevity

5) Natural malefic planets placed in benefic rasi in divisional charts give less evil results

6) A retrograde planet may be good for longevity but it does not support health           

7) A planet placed in Mrityu Bhaga can give health problems especially when afflicted & takes lordships as mentioned above. Its AD will give health issues when afflicted in transit.

8) A badhaka planet when afflicted & also takes above mentioned lordships, it gives health concerns

9) Planets placed in Sarpa Dreshkanna can give health problems

10) For good or bad health, D-1, D-9, D-3, D-12, D-30, D-6 & D-8 are seen

11) D-6 chart is used to confirm onset of disease & for timing of recovery from ill health

12) If horoscope has promise of incurable disease, we must see D-8, else D-8 may not be required. When L/LL/karaka are weak & there is connection of 6-8 houses in rasi chart & when 8L joins lagna lord (of rasi chart) in D-8, it will give long lasting or incurable disease. D-8 will give confirmation of fatal accidents or death of self or relatives. Vehicular accidents may be confirmed from D-16 along with D-8

13) See which bhava (of rasi chart) is rising in divisional chart. 6H rising in D-6 chart is bad. 8H rising in D-8 chart is bad.  6/8/12 houses rising in relevant divisional charts especially in D-6 / D-8 are inauspicious

14) Afflicted planets & rasi in rasi chart & relevant divisional charts if afflicted in D-27 chart, it confirms the area of concern. The affliction may be from Saturn, Mars, Rahu/Ketu but especially by Saturn

15) Mars related to Maraka houses / lords & especially when Mars aspects 2nd house, it can give unnatural & violent death.

16) A planet or LL placed in rasi of 8H in Navamsha is inauspicious as it can give health concerns as well accident.

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic & Lal Kitab Astrologer
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