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Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics, four pada, Aries sign Mesha Rashi as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Dragon's tail (Ketu) is represented as horse’s head and its deity are twins (Ashwini kumars) who are known as physicians of God. Ashwini indicates beginning of any thing. Like a horse, Ashwini Nakshatra represents anxiousness, hyper-alertness and hyper-sensitivity to surrounding environment. The Ashwini Kumar brothers have supernatural powers and they Can resolve any problem or problems related to health, especially impotency. The Lord Ganesha rules this Nakshatra and for the reason we worship Lord Ganesha at beginning of every work for removing all unexpected obstacles.

Ashwini is a Satwic Nakshatra having dev-gana (meaning related to God hence promotes spiritualism). Natives born in this Nakshatra are spiritual and believe in God.

Ashwini natives are quick and impulsive and can take brave decisions. They go to the extent of attempting impossible so people may declare their decisions as foolish and suicidal. Also, they have straight forward nature. It’s a young and energetic Nakshatra but adamant in nature. People in this Nakshatra are adamant, impulsive, good beginners but poor finishers and they also do not change their nature and behavior with time. They are comfortable only in short duration activities. They are helpful in nature but one can not expect them to be helping for long period. They do not have patience to concentrate on one work and they keep shuffling. They do not take advice of any body and just jump into any work without even knowing how to do it. They are always interested in body building. They are capable, self-sustaining, independent, and intuitive and can take initiative of taking any job in hand. 

Ashwini Nakshatra School and College Education and Studies

They have sharp intellect and curious mind. They are very eager to learn new things and do well in subjects like Science, computers, chemistry, Biology and Maths. They get good education but they do mistakes while writing due to haste nature.

Ashwini Nakshatra Professions, Career and wealth sources

Medicines, drugs, doctor especially gynecologists, neo-natal doctors, surgeons, pre-nursery schools, teachers for small children, engineers expert in laying foundations of buildings, stunt-men, car racing, any adventurous sport, Air force, horse racing, race tracks, railway tracks etc.

Ashwini Nakshatra Health

They are prone to migraine, headache, high blood pressure, heart problems and accidents.

Ashwini Nakshatra Love, Romance, Marriage, Marital life and Children

They generally get married by the age of 28 years. Although they love their family members, spouse and children, there may be some disputes in routine life because of their adamant nature. Some problems in male child are indicated. Their love and romance life is not very good and they may be changing love partners frequently

Ashwini Nakshatra body parts 


Ashwini Nakshatra Lucky Colors, stones, years, God and Goddess
Lucky Colors: Pink, orange, maroon, yellow
Lucky stones: Red Coral, ruby, yellow sapphire
Lucky Years: 14, 24, 25, 28, 48
Lucky God: Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha 
Lucky Goddess: Maha Lakshmi

Ashwini Nakshatra and its four padas

Ashwini Nakshatra first pada

People born in this quarter have excessive qualities of this Nakshatra.  They can be recognized by their goat like face, small eyes, small nose, ordinary features, slim body and heavy voice. Ashwini Nakshatra I pada name first letter is "Chu"

Ashwini Nakshatra second pada

People born in this quarter have comparatively stable nature. These natives direct their efforts in right direction and better implementation of tasks is seen. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by their muscular body, small forehead ,big eyes and soft voice. Ashwini Nakshatra II pada name first letter is "Chay"

Ashwini Nakshatra Third pada 

People born in this quarter are intelligent and have good decision making ability. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by their fair complexion, less hairs on head, beautiful eyes and nose and slender limbs. They have strong communication skills and they normally walk with extended arms. 

Ashwini Nakshatra III pada name first letter is "Cho" 

Ashwini Nakshatra Fourth pada 

People born in this quarter are emotional. They may belong to medical profession and have helping nature. They have slender body and small nose. They have questioning eyes and they look at surroundings like a child. Ashwini Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is "Laa"

Auspicious Activities for Ashwini  Nakshatra II, III and IV charana: Good for beginning of any activity or legal activity, spiritual activity, traveling etc.

Ashwini is bad for marriage, any activity demanding high level of patience or cool headed decisions, share market, bed pleasure, finishing activities etc. It gives smoking habits and even chain smoking.

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