Ardra Nakshatra

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Ardra Nakshatra Characterstics, Mithuna Rashi, four pada as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Ardra, as the name suggests, means moist or moisture. Ardra also get associated with a tear drop. Rahu is the lord of Ardra Nakshatra and its’ ruling deity is Rudra (Lord Shiva). Ardra born natives generally have large face, strong physique and dynamic personality. If the Ardra Nakshatra is afflicted, they may give massive or demonic appearance. Ardra natives are very responsible, polite and cordial in their behavior. They can easily fascinate the crowd by their public speaking skills. They have sharp mind and can easily understand other’s mind just by the body language. They are very quick in responding to any question. They acquire good knowledge of the field they associate. They are brave enough to face the hardships of life without making hue and cry about the problems. Outwardly, they may appear quite relaxed but there is always some storm going on inside their mind. They generally undertake multiple tasks at one time which sometimes become the cause of mental agony for them. They get quickly associated with social organizations and enjoy social service. They can go to any extent to help anybody in suffering state. They give less importance to finances. Ardra Nakshatra as ruled by Rahu (the head) gives dramatic ups and downs in life. But all these turbulence of life are short lived and bravely faced by Ardra natives. Ardra natives learn from such adverse conditions and finally use these experiences to improve their personality. They remain restless until they uncover possible reasons behind anything happening in this universe. If Ardra natives are not well supported by other benefic planets, they become selfish and sarcastic in nature. As Rahu is the significator of illusion, afflicted Ardra natives become confusing personality and their energies are utilized in unyielding activities. They may become cheaters, thieves, frauds or criminals. If they enter astrology field, they become tantrik. These affects may be very prominent till 42 years of ages. As the God Rudra relates to death, Ardra born natives are hard enough to face unpleasant facts of life. They believe in removing and throwing away anything which has lost its importance and utility in life.

Ardra Nakshatra Marital life : Not very satisfactory. Normally they marry late in life and we can expect improvement in marital life after 36 years of age.

Body parts ruled by Nakshatra Ardra: Our eyes and head are ruled by Ardra Nakshatra.

Ardra Nakshatra Professions: Natives can become good back-ground music directors, engineers, computer specialists, IT professionals, philosophers, social worker, fiction writers, animators, computer software designer, HTML professionals, SEO engineers, researchers, indoor games players, lawyers, mathematicians, astrologers, doctors, psychiatrists, Radiologists, Pathologists, trauma surgeons, detectives, druggists etc.

The I (first) pada of Ardra Nakshatra 

It creates real turbulence in mind and such natives may find it difficult to conclude anything easily. Natives of this pada must meditate to keep this storm under control. Natives born in this Nakshatra can be recognized by their fair complexion, large face and red eyes.

Ardra Nakshatra II (second) pada 

It indicates excessive malfeasance. The negative attributes of the Nakshatra is felt maximum in this pada. But, it makes the native very practical and materialistic. But material prosperity is possible only when Saturn and Mercury are well placed; but that too after struggle and after the age of 32 years. The natives of this pada have beautiful eye-brows, slightly dark complexion, sexually passionate, small face and broad chest.

Ardra Nakshatra III (third) pada

This is the pada which makes the native a social worker. The natives of this pada will be willing to support people in trouble. But this support is limited to physical support. They have sharp mind and are consistent in their work. The native of this pada has thick limbs, large head and protruding veins.

Ardra Nakshatra IV (fourth) pada

Natives born in this pada are emotional and caring for others. They are charitable and do not hesitate in giving any financial support to others. They have comparatively stable mind and they devote much time in fruitful activities. The native of this pada has beautiful lips and honey colour eyes.

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