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Nakshatra Pushya Characteristics, Karka Rashi, four pada as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Pushya Nakshatra lord is Saturn (Shani) and deity Jupiter (Brihaspati). It is considered as one of the most auspicious Nakshatra. The word Pushya means “to nourish” or the one who nourishes. Other words which connect to Pushya Nakshatra are “Tishya” meaning auspicious and “Sidhya” meaning flourishing or prosperous. Pushya Nakshatra is indicated by udder (mammary glands) of a cow. In Indian Vedic mythology, Cow is respected like our own mother as she nourishes us, nurtures us by her milk. Henceforth, Pushya Nakshatra is considered highly auspicious and this is one of the preferred Nakshatra for all types of auspicious activities. Natives born in Pushya Nakshatra are caring generous, soft spoken, helpful, ethical and kind to others. Even male natives are known to provide motherly care to their children. These natives are reliable and prove good friends in the hour of need. As Pushya Nakshatra mixes up Cancer sign ruled by Moon and Saturn as lord of this Nakshatra, we can expect Pushya natives to be emotional and caring on one side but disciplined, philosophical and practical on the other hand. They are fond of good and new clothes. They get good education and are very consistent in performance. Their education is best utilized in their professional career and nailing down their competitors. Pushya natives are best suited for all kinds of job requiring extensive traveling or agricultural work. They have the knack of surprising people with their extra ordinary knowledge. It is possible that Pushya natives may not carry bag full of degrees with them but they have vast knowledge of different fields. They may not get much name or fame but they are appreciated for their dedication and sincerity. People born in Pushya Nakshatra attain good spiritual success. But they are not among the people who would be interested in reading all Vedic texts; rather they enter into yoga, meditation and divine mantra recitation. The childhood life of Pushya native is generally not good. The comforts of life improve only after the age of 30 years. Even if they are born in rich families, they take up serious responsibilities of family right in childhood itself. The marital life of Pushya natives is ordinary but they are very responsible spouse and parents.

Natives of afflicted Pushya Nakshatra are inconsistent in their thoughts and do not trust people. They do not give respect and care to people but carry lot of expectation from others. They wander around in search of emotional associates and finally complain that no one could understand their emotions. They themselves will not be disciplined but expect others to remain in discipline. They quickly go into depression mode if criticized and accept even false appreciation. Overall, all negative attributes of Saturn + Moon are seen in afflicted Pushya natives.

Body parts ruled by Pushya Nakshatra: Face

Pushya Nakshatra Health: Pushya natives are prone to chest problems like cough, infections, respiratory problems, stones, joint pains, low immunity especially in childhood and sensitivity to changing atmosphere.

Pushya Nakshatra Professions: Pushya natives become good agriculturist, traveler, public dealers, honest politicians, spiritual guides, yoga teachers, creche owners, child-care-home managers, nurse, nuns, gardeners, secretory, caterers etc.

Pushya Nakshatra Tree : Pipal
The first pada of Pushya Nakshatra 

It indicates a person who can be trusted for any responsibility. They undertake their professional life very seriously but remain mentally attached to their family. This is good pada for overall successful career but not very auspicious for marital happiness. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by their over aggressive behavior, round cat like face and slender legs.

Pushya Nakshatra second pada 

It makes the person work as employee. He or she may be a private secretary or public servant. The native may have serious health problems and concerning physical disorder. Native born in this pada will have fair complexion and slim body like females.

Pushya Nakshatra third pada 

Natives born in this pada are more social and keen for their sexual life. They tend to compromise their professional growth at the cost of family life. They enjoy all the comforts of life but at the same, while at work, remain sincere in the job. Natives born in this pada will have slightly dark complexion and above average height.

Pushya Nakshatra fourth pada 

This pada is not very auspicious and much negative traits of the Nakshatra are exhibited through this pada. Natives born in this Nakshatra may have set backs in their early education due to health problems and irresponsible behavior. In the young age, they get distracted from education due to love affairs and will have many set backs in professional life up to 36 years of age. Natives born in this pada will have merging eye brows, long limbs and slightly forward bent neck.

Pushya Nakshatra un-doubtfully is highly auspicious for most of the activities except marriage.

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