Life After Death Experiences. What happens to Soul after death?

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The life after death has always been a mystery for people but all of us are equally anxious to know about life after death. Currently, the thought of existence beyond this physical body is accepted by many modern thinkers and scholars and there are thousands of recorded events by scientists which prove the existence of the soul. I shall not be posting any hypothetical material on the blog and it will be based on authoritative scriptural texts. I shall be adding my knowledge derived through reasoning and my personal experiences. My personal experiences include my own life experiences and practical experiences shared by other people. I shall bring all subject matter to you as we will progress to future posts. My posts actually do not connect to any particular religion and it will totally focus on appreciating the journey of a soul after death. I will also post real stories as we come close to understanding the subject matter.

I am confident, by the time we will complete our readings and queries, you will also believe that death is not full stop and just a coma and death is not the end of life. We will appreciate that there is subtle body within our physical body like a bladder in the football which exists even after the death of physical body.

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Please feel free to post your questions. I shall try to reply all of them through the blog.

Your valuable suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome.

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Rakesh Arora Kuber
Spiritual Advisor and Vedic Astrologer

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