Revati Nakshatra

Nakshatra Revati Characteristics, four padas, Pisces sign Meena Rasi

Revati means Wealthy and its deity is Pushan, one of the twelve Adityas. The word Pushan means the one who promotes prosperity or who lights up. The symbol of Revati is a drum which is played with two sticks. This Nakshatra though indicates material prosperity but at the same time it also points out end of all kinds of enjoyments of life. All humans must enjoy the fruits of good as well bad deeds before they get entitled for final emancipation or salvation. This Nakshatra also get directly related with the false and illusive effects of nature existing in any form like relations or material success. People born in this Nakshatra are generally wealthy and live their lives completely in illusions. But the feeling of highest gratification while mating lasts for very short time. Some of the Revati people understand this fact and are capable of quickly coming out of the illusions of the nature. They would rather prefer to enjoy this nature as spectator instead of an actor. But in Kaliyuga, one can see most of Revati natives living material life only. They are fond of friends and they spend most of their time and money for the society. Revati natives have the knack of appreciating both sides of coins and will always have positive side of the coin to show to people. They are good friends in need and can act as good counselors and psychiatrists without having any professional qualifications. This quality is by birth. Their enemies will generally get defeated by the strong communication skills and power to argue any issue. People born in Revati Nakshatra are among the best friends. All their friends get equal importance and every one would be pleased to have friend like him. But they need to avoid offering help to every one as they may end up not fulfilling their promises and be criticized. They overspend on luxuries and outing. They are generally God fearing and very ambitious in life. They strive hard to achieve their objectives but their life moves like a wave form. They generally live a luxurious life and do well away from their birth place.

Revati Nakshatra Education and Studies

They are intelligent and do well in their studies. They perform well in subjects like history, painting, medical, law, gemology, research studies, NDA, astronomy and astrology. They generally loose focus in studies otherwise they can score good marks.

Revati Nakshatra Profession, Career and Income sources

Astrologers, Astronomers, researchers, painters, musicians, actors, Gem stones dealers, Navy, doctors, lawyers, Transport Ministers, guides, advisers, counselors, psychiatrists etc

Revati Nakshatra Love and Romance Life

They are very good in making friends especially friends of opposite sex but the only problem is that they end up making too many friends and finally find it difficult to keep them happy. Their love partners may have complaints that they do not keep promises. 

Revati Nakshatra Marriage, Marital Life and Children

It is generally good and marriage may take place around 24 years. They will have happiness from children but they may have to stay away from them for longer durations.

Revati Nakshatra Health

They are prone to problems related to feet, stomach, neck and shoulders, ears and dental problems.

Revati Nakshatra Lucky Stones, Colors, Years, God and Goddess

Lucky Color: Yellow, white, cream, pink, light green
Lucky Years: 16, 24, 27, 32
Lucky Stones: Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Red Coral
Lucky God: Lord Vishnu
Lucky Goddess: Durga

Revati Nakshatra Body parts


Revati Nakshatra four pada*
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Revati Nakshatra first pada

People born in this quarter or charana are possessive about their professional growth. They are spiritual and generous in nature. They need to control the habit of going out of the way and helping others. They are generally misunderstood by people because of such nature. They are generally handsome / beautiful and egoistic in nature. Revati Nakshatra I pada name first letter is “Do” example Doha

Revati Nakshatra second pada

People born in this quarter or charana are practical and goal oriented. They enjoy life to the maximum and make sure that all desires are fulfilled. They are much focused and balanced in nature but they may have to work under others and their desire of working independently may not fulfill. They have fair complexion and comparatively slender body. Revati Nakshatra II pada name first letter is “Day” example Dena

Revati Nakshatra third pada

People born in this quarter are highly generous in nature and may go much beyond their limits to help others. People may sometime misuse such nature but they continue to help others which may cause some problems in their marital life. They are generally tall and have slender body. Revati Nakshatra III pada name first letter is “Chaa”.

Revati Nakshatra fourth pada

People born in this quarter are day dreamers and not among the successful people in life. Their life is quite unstable and they get easily carried away in illusions. It is not at all good pada. They generally have medium to short height and are slightly overweight. Revati Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is “Chee”

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