Satabhisha Nakshatra

Satabhisha Nakshatra Characteristics, four padas, Kumbha rasi, Aquarius Sign as per Vedic Astrology System

Satabhisha Nakshatra falls in a positive Kumbha rashi ruled by Saturn. Satabhisha means hundred physicians. Its’ symbol is group of hundred stars in a circle. Its another symbol is just a circle. Its deity is Varuna and Lord Shiva preside Satabhisha Nakshatra. Lord Varuna rules over Land, air and water but He has special connection with water element of this universe. As you may be aware, a round mud pot (Ghada) full of water which is normally used in most of the worshiping (puja) indicates Lord Varuna only. He is also worshiped, apart from Indra, for rain. The circular aspect of the universe is well known to all of us. Everything in this universe operates in circular form and we can take hundreds of examples. Lord Vishnu has the most powerful weapon with him called as Sudarshana Chakra. All planets and stars are circular; they rotate and revolve in circular motion. We move on wheels which are again circular. Our life itself goes in a circular form as people take birth as a small child, grows and die; and take re-birth as child. Everything in this Universe starts all over again after some period. People born in Satabhisha Nakshatra live as per fix principals and conventions. They are not among the people who will go beyond the standard set principals and we can not expect them to be innovative. Satabhisha natives have serious mental blocks which do not allow them to test new techniques or adapt newer methodology. But they are very intelligent and have good intuition power so are capable to  re-discover lost traditional secrets. Most of their decisions are influenced by this intellect and intuitive power. But this intuitive power works within a circle or mental blocks. Satabhisha natives prefer to keep themselves within a circle and people may find it difficult to break it to get informal with them. It is difficult to get appreciation from them. After putting lot of hard work, they may get pleased but a little bit. If they occupy a seat of position, one can expect strict and discipline behavior from them. It will be very difficult to get their signature on the file if they are working in any government organization as they will neither take bribe nor clear the file. If they are Astrologers, they will never go beyond the principals suggested in classical texts. Shatabhisha natives are very adamant in nature. They have mix personality comprising good as well as bad qualities. Their presentation skills are good. Satabhisha though tolerant but sometimes outburst and loose temper. But this anger is for very short period as they realize it immediately. They believe in simple living and high thinking and you can see them dressed very ordinary. Shatabhisha natives have keen inclination towards opposite sex and they may have love affairs other than wed-lock. Satabhisha natives like to drink but they prefer to drink alone at home and well within limits. Shatabhisha natives have keen interest in medical field especially traditional medical field like Ayurveda. Satabhisha Nakshatra is inauspicious as far as married life or progeny is concerned.

Satabhisha Nakshatra School and College Education and Studies

Shatabhisha Nakshatra is good as far education is concerned. They are good in studies and get good higher education. Satabhisha natives can score very good marks in medical subjects or subjects related to psychology. This Nakshatra is also good for any study requiring high intuitive levels and research oriented mind.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Love and Romance Life

Shatabhisha is not good for love life because they are very introvert people and will find it difficult to express themselves and their inner feelings. The person of opposite sex will also find it difficult to become informal with them. It is very much possible that they may not have any affairs at all. But as they grow older, they open up and fall in love. We can very much expect this affair even after marriage because their married life is not good.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Marriage and Marital Life

I am sorry to mention that Shatabhisha natives have very ordinary married life and in some cases no marriage may take place. They get little emotional satisfaction from spouse and the couple may have to divorce or live separately for long durations.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Children (Progeny)

Again, serious problems are indicated as far children are concerned. There is danger to life of a child especially male child. Worshipping Lord Shiva will ward off the evils.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Lucky Stones, Colors, Years, God, Goddess

Gemstones: Blue Sapphire, Diamond
Colors: Black, Blue, White, Grey
Years: 16, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 42, 50
God: Lord Shiva
Goddess: Maha Lakshmi

Satabhisha Nakshatra Profession, Career and wealth sources

Astrologers, Ayurveda doctors, researchers, psychiatrists, Film Industry, Drug Dealers, chemists, Poison dealers, herbal medicine sellers, spiritual healers, alcohol dealers, synthetic items, plastics, scientist, doctors, hospital waste management, Yoga teachers, automobile etc

Satabhisha Nakshatra Body Parts


Satabhisha Nakshatra four padas*
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Satabhisha Nakshatra first pada

People born in this quarter are intelligent and spiritual in nature. They have firm beliefs and they strictly follow the traditional norms. They undertake many pilgrimages in life and mostly will be at places of high positive energy and Shiva temples. They have good knowledge about classical texts like Geeta, Ramayana etc. Satabhisha natives generally have attractive personality and mature outlook. Satabhisha Nakshatra I pada or charana name first letter is “Go” example: Gomti

Satabhisha Nakshatra second pada

People born in this quarter are more concerned about their professional growth. They are very ambitious and work hard to progress in career. They may not be able to spend much time with family but they are very responsible parent. They generally have fair complexion and mature outlook. Satabhisha Nakshatra II pada or charana name letter is “Saa”.

Satabhisha Nakshatra third pada

People born in this quarter are very intelligent and have sharp intuition. They are possessive about sex and give due love and care to spouse. Their enemies will find them very hard nut to crack and their friends should not expect any undue favor from them. They are strict and disciplined. They can be recognized by their dark complexion and depressed cheeks. Satabhisha Nakshatra III pada or charana name first letter is “See”

Satabhisha Nakshatra fourth pada

People born in this quarter are very possessive about wealth and family but they may have to live away from spouse and children due to professional reasons. They are emotional, imaginative and responsible life partner. They get addicted to alcohol especially if they have to live away from home. They become good spiritual healers or doctors. Their physical appearance is quite impressive. Satabhisha Nakshatra IV pada or charana name first letter is “Soo”.

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