Sun in First House

Sun in I House

The native born with Sun in first house will generally have healthy body, good immune system and less hair on the head. The native will have medium height and he or she may enjoy status in the society. The native will give instructions to people which will be accepted by others. He or she will generally exhibit himself as a strong and dynamic character. The Sun in first house in Aries sign Mesha Rasi in exaltation values humans and not their religions. They believe in justice and can punish anybody irrespective of relationship. It will be foolish to expect any undue favor from them. They are intelligent, knowledgeable and patriotic in nature. They fulfill their promises. They may have less number of children and there will be problems in marital life. Sun in Taurus sign Vrishabha rashi gives comparatively better marital life and happiness from children. But he will get ordinary happiness from mother and property. He may have to work under others in the initial phase of career but later on he works independently. The native may suffer from eye problems. Sun in Gemini sign Mithuna rashi in first house makes the native hard working and a successful businessman. He or she is well supported from siblings and has good marital life. Sun in Cancer sign Karka Rashi in first house gives the person adequate wealth for living. The native may not enjoy high status but he has good position in his society. He will be passionate and may be addicted to alcohol. The married life is generally ordinary. Sun in Leo sign, Simha Rashi, in first house makes the person proudy and aggressive in nature. The native may have above average height and good robust body. The marital life is generally not good. Sun in Virgo sign, Kanya Rashi, in first house makes the person a spendthrift. He may have ordinary health. He is generally benefited from relationships away from his birth place or abroad. He may have to serve under others as employees against his wishes. He may not be satisfied from his Boss or employer. He may suffer from many diseases. The marital life is generally good. Sun in Libra sign, Tula Rashi, in first house gives weak constitution. The native has keen interest in making quick money and may not enjoy good relationship with father and elder siblings. There may be problems related to male child and marital life will be ordinary. He may suffer from problems related to sex like early ejaculation. Sun in Scorpio sign, Vrischika Rashi, in first house makes the native egoistic and hot tempered. He gets good success in his profession and is supported by his father. He may earn wealth as a doctor or through making medicines. The married life may not be very good. Sun in Sagittarius sign, Dhanu Rashi gives the native an impressive personality. The native is religious, God fearing and idealistic in nature. He gets good respect and status in society. His married life is good and he gets happiness from progeny. Sun in Capricorn sign Makara Rashi in first house gives the native long life. He has ordinary physical appearance and health. He may face serious obstacles especially up to the age of 26 to grow in his life. Marital life and happiness from progeny is very ordinary. Sun in Aquarius sign Kumbha rashi makes the person travel a lot for his livelihood. Native gets good support from his / her spouse in his professional life. He gets happiness from his children also. Sun in Pisces sign Meena Rashi in first house gives diseases related to blood and intestine. He suffers on account of his enemies and there may be problems related to government. He has to work very hard to get any success in life and it comes late in life. Some disputes with spouse are expected and general happiness from children will be there.

R A Kuber

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This is a wonderful website for learning astrology. Very comprehensive information regarding rashis and nakshatras. Please keep adding more information on planets in different signs and houses. Keep up the good work!

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