Uttarashada Nakshatra

Nakshatra Uttarashadha Uttarashada four padas, characteristics, Dhanu Rashi, Makara Rashi as per Vedic Astrology System

The word Ashada means the one who is un-beaten or unvanquished. Uttara means latter or after. Its deity is Vishwadeva. The first pada of Uttarashada Nakshatra falls in Sagittarius sign and rest of three pada falls in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. People born in Uttarashada Nakshatra are talented, ambitious, authoritative and clean-hearted. They respect the traditional culture and norms of society. They look to be very egoistic and rude in external behavior. They may have minor disputes and misunderstanding with their father but they still give respect and regards to them. They are honest and sincere in their dealings and generally fulfill the promises. They do not believe in harming other for personal gains. It is very difficult to force any decision on them. They like people who take their orders without questioning anything and are prone to flattery. They are among the people who are good for society. They believe in discussions and most of the important decisions are taken with the consent of seniors. Also, they expect juniors to take them into confidence before taking any decision. They are mature and understanding people. They do not hesitate to take any major responsibility rather they will get upset if they are not considered fit for heading major responsibilities. At the end of every activity, they expect overwhelming appreciation from others as it boosts their ego and motivates them to take another responsibility. If they do not get desired appreciation, they will minutes to quit from the responsibility. They ethics and ideals are very high and they set examples for the society. They will be very sincere in worshiping God and they do not perform any charitable act for show-off. They undertake many pilgrimages in their life time. Their have extra ordinary sharp intellect and presentation skills. Overall, righteousness is the key word for Uttarashada Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Love and Romance

It is generally good and you fall in love quickly with people of opposite sex if they appreciate your good qualities and intellect. You have the knack of impressing others as you have many qualities and you are very honest in your relationships. You are fully trust-able love partners.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Marital Life

You married life will be good as you are one of the most responsible person in your family. Your spouse will appreciate your good qualities and marriage may take place around the age of 26 years.

Nakshatra Uttarashada School and College Education and Studies

You are among the students who can take the class in absence of the teacher. You are intelligent and among the most sincere and hard working students of class. You will score good marks and you perform excellent if you get appreciation from teachers and parents.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Health

Overall, you will enjoy good health in life. You are prone to problems related to stomach, feet, chest and eyes.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Children (Progeny)

Their may be some difficulties in begetting male child. But you will certainly have good children and they will respect you from heart. You are very responsible father and will put best of your efforts for overall prosperity of your children.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Lucky Colors

Yellow, Red, pink, orange, maroon, white color

Nakshatra Uttarashada Lucky Stones

Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Coral

Nakshatra Uttarashada Lucky God and Goddess

Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Lord Surya

Nakshatra Uttarashada Lucky Year which can bring prosperity in life

16, 26, 28, 30 th year

Nakshatra Uttarashada Body parts


Nakshatra Uttarashada Success secret

Respect your elders. Look after your younger brother. Do not fall pray to flattery. Honesty and truth are good for life but sometimes one has to adjust in a given situation if not for self, may be for your family. Your luck and destiny will dramatically improve after the birth of child.

Nakshatra Uttarashada Professions, Career and Wealth

You can take-up profession like:- Preachers, Teachers, Professors, Counselors, Advisers, Senior Managers, HRD, Judge, government job, Event organizer, Umpires, Sportsperson, defense personnel, CEO, Director of an organization, senior member of a committee etc.

Nakshatra Uttarashada and four padas*
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Nakshatra Uttarashada and first pada

People born in this quarter are very honest, intelligent, idealistic, truthful and asset of the society. One can expect excessive righteousness from them and they will never accept people who do not belong to their class. You are very egoistic and sometimes behave very adamant. You have whitish pink complexion, bright shining face, long horse-like face, impressive personality and frank nature.

Name letter of Nakshatra Uttarashada first pada is “Bhay”

Nakshatra Uttarashada and second pada

You are so strong at heart that people may call you cold-blooded. Your goals and objectives are very important for you and you believe in focused realization of all material goals. You are not as spiritual as natives of first pada but do strongly believe in God. There may be abnormal gap in front two teeth and your complexion is likely to be slightly dark. Your will have slender but attractive physical appearance. You communication skills are good but you utter words after giving deep thought.

Name letter of Nakshatra Uttarashada second pada is “bho” example: Bhopal (M.P.)

Nakshatra Uttarashada and third pada

You are good in executing important tasks and very noble at heart. You believe in giving time for society apart from achieving personal objectives. You are a team player and you will highly respected by your team members. People would sincerely respect you from heart and you will get sincere appreciation and not flattery. You have strong desire of quickly fulfilling your desires but at the same can patiently wait for things to happen. Do not give any importance to females trying to flatter you especially after wedding. You will have average height, fair complexion and slightly bent nose.

Name letter of Nakshatra Uttarashada third pada is “Jaa” example: Japan

Nakshatra Uttarashada and fourth pada

You are emotional apart from being idealistic. You have abundant energy to work and do not leave any work till its completion. You are very good in giving a smart finish to any good activity and you will mostly be found in closing ceremony getting appreciation and awards. Apart from giving a spiritual advice, you can as well give a long philosophical lecture. You love God and worship with full emotions. You will also be benefited from relationships out of your home town. You like music and company of friends. You may have slightly stout body, fair complexion, beautiful eyes and attractive personality.

Name letter of Nakshatra Uttarashada fourth pada is “Jee” example: Jeep

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