Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 5th House

Sun in fifth house

Sun in fifth house generally gives auspicious results. The male child of the native proves to be very lucky for the native. The native enters into good profession and enjoys overall growth in his professional career. His financial position is also good and it improves considerably after the birth of male child. He gets good education . People in authority and government supports him. He normally has good health and long life. He gets the blessings of his elders and saints. The native experiences very good growth especially after the age of 22 years. To get the best results of Sun in 5th house, native should worship his Ishta Devta (God or Goddess) and should recite His / Her mantra on daily basis; native should worship Sun on daily basis empty stomach; native should give full respect and regard to his elders especially father; he should touch the feet of his father every morning after taking bath; he should try to get the best education, rather he should keep taking advance knowledge of his professional field; he should take good care of his spouse and children; he should establish a dining table or eating place or kitchen near eastern wall. All these easily doable remedies will prove highly auspicious for the native.

When Sun is in 5th house and Saturn is in 11th house, it will be beneficial for the native. The native earns good wealth and saves money. His parents will also live long and he will get full support of his parents especially father.

When Sun is placed in fifth house; Jupiter is placed in 10th house and Saturn is posited in third house, the wife of the native will have ill health. If there are other afflictions also, native’s wife may die early. The male child of the native may also suffer.

When Sun is placed in fifth house and Moon is placed in fourth house, it is highly beneficial for the native. He will have name, fame and wealth.

When Sun and Mars are in fifth house, there will be problems related to male child. But other results will be good if native keeps control on his anger.

When Sun and Mercury are in fifth house, it gives auspicious results.

When Sun and Jupiter are in fifth house, it indicates good prosperity for the native.

When Sun and Venus are in fifth house, it does not give good results.

When Sun and Saturn are in fifth house, it indicates auspicious results. The native will have strong determination.

When Sun and Rahu are in fifth house, it does not give bad results as expected in general due to Sun + Rahu conjunction.

When Sun and Ketu are in fifth house and Jupiter is well placed in the chart, it will give good results.

The remedial measures for malefic Sun in fifth house are:-

1) Drop some mustard oil on ground for 43 days.
2) One should offer help to others.
3) One should not have adamant nature.
4) The Sun light should be allowed to enter in home from Eastern side.
5) One should offer Jaggery to Monkeys.

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Jyotish Acharaya
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