Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 3rd House

Sun in third house generally gives good results. The native will be hard working and self made man. He will be respected by others. He will have interest in Astrology and he may also become an astrologer. He will get support from younger brothers. One of his son or nephew, whoever is born in day time, will support him in life.

If Sun is malefic in third house, native will not have good character. He will indulge in adultery and spoil his wealth and reputation. Such malefic results will be prominent in 34th and 35th year of life. His father and grand father had struggled in his life. Their financial condition will also be ordinary. His neighbors will also not prosper. He may not have good relations with his maternal uncles or his maternal uncles will suffer.

If Sun and Moon are together in third house, it is considered auspicious in general as both Sun and Moon will give good results.

If Sun and Mars are together in third house, native will experience good results. He will be of helping nature and people will give him respect. He may not have many luxury articles at his home but still he will have fame and wealth.

If Sun and Mercury are together in third house, it gives good results. If Saturn also joins Sun and Mercury in third house, native will have deep interest in astrology.

Sun and Jupiter together in third house gives good results. He will progress in his life. He will get his prosperity through his siblings.

If Sun and Venus are together in third house, native will get benefic results through his wife until he is not involved in any adultery.

If Sun and Saturn are placed in third house, native's younger paternal uncle may face its malefic results. He may have problems in his spine and knees.

If Sun and Rahu are together in third house, native will not get good results in his education or profession till 24th year of life. Here native should not make any type of personal relationship with low class people like Sweepers. He should not keep articles or photographs of snakes and elephant at home. He should not keep ivory items at his home. Instead he can keep a photograph of Lord Krishna dancing on Kaliya Nag (the black many headed serpent) at home.

If Sun and Ketu are placed in third house, native may have problems in begetting male progeny. The malefic results will be experienced on his own health (spine problems) and his male child.    
The Lal Kitab remedies for malefic Sun in third house are as under:-

1) Refrain from evil deeds and do not harm others.

2) Worship Maa Durga and do not consume onion and garlic during Navratra. Do Kanya Pujan. Offer Red Color Saree and freshly cooked Halwa (pure ghee) with black Chana on Ashtmi or Navmi to Mata as per tradition. The girls (Kanya) should be 9 in number and under the age of puberty. One boy under puberty should be added i.e. 9+1.

3) Touch your mother's feet every morning

4) Wear a perfect square silver piece in silver chain

5)  Feed Wheat flour to red ants

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
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