Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 8th House

Sun in eighth house as per Lal Kitab generally gives auspicious results. The native has long life especially if he serves Cow, other than white Cow, and elder brother. The God of death also fears the person with Sun in eighth house. No member of his family will die as long the native is present at the home; rather dieing member of his family will become alive in his presence. The native financially prospers from the age of 22 years.

But native will get benefic results of Sun in 8th house as long as he does not belongs to three dogs stated by learned people - Brother at sister’s house, Son-in-law at father-in-law’s house and son of the daughter at the house of maternal uncle. He must keep away from theft.

When Sun is in eighth house and Saturn is in third house; it gives malefic results. If native stays in south facing house, it will give malefic results and native may have short life. If native keeps no relation with his elder brother or he goes against his brother, he will get not get any benefic results. When Jupiter is also malefic in the chart, native will have weak fortune but he will still be able to protect lives. If native is impersonator or involves in adultery or any dirty love affairs, he will get totally spoiled.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in eighth house

1) Native should serve brown or black cow. He should not serve white Cow.

2) Keep good relations with brothers.

3) Do not stay in south facing house.

4) Do not become either of the three dogs as stated above.

5) Do not involve in dirty love affairs and keep away from adultery.

6) Never ever think of any sort of theft. Keep good character.

7) Be honest and do not try to cheat people. Do not become impersonator.

8) Drink water after taking little Jaggery (Gur).

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
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