Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 11th House

Sun in Eleventh House – Lal Kitab Remedies (Upay)

Sun in 11th house is not considered auspicious in general. Native will experience bad results related to income, longevity, self purchased houses, longevity of Son and name and fame. If native indulges into professions related to Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, he will get adverse results and failures. If native eats non vegetarian food and drinks alcohol, he will not get any male child till the age of 45 years especially if there is a tree courtyard in neighborhood. Sun in 11th house makes the native greedy, quarrelsome and liar. He may have habit of not fulfilling his promises. He may cheat others, give false testimony and refuse to return belongings and deposits of others. He will have habit of abusing while talking. He is more concerned about his own sensual pleasures.

When Sun is in 11th house and Moon is in 5th house and male planets like Jupiter and Mars do not support Sun, native may have short life. He will not beget male progeny and if at all his wife becomes pregnant, she will give birth to dead (male) child (still- birth)

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 11th House

1) One should not eat non vegetarian food and avoid alcohol. If he becomes completely vegetarian, he will beget more than one son.
2) Native should not abuse while talking.
3) He should maintain good character and help others.
4) He should not cheat others or give any false testimony.
5) One should not live in a house where there is tree courtyard in neighborhood or a house where there is road next to the house.
6) Keep radish near the pillows before going to sleep and offer them in a temple next morning. If radish is not available, one can use carrot or any other vegetable or almonds (avoiding black color).
7) Native should purchase a goat. Offer him enough food and leave it alive in the name of slaughter. 

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