Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 9th House

Sun in Ninth House – Lal Kitab Remedies (Upay)

Sun in 9th house is considered auspicious in general. Sun in 9th house gives long life to the native. Native can go to any extent to help his blood relatives and he will not even ask for any reciprocal support. He himself will also not face any poverty in his life. The family of the native will prosper after his birth. The native generally gets no benefit from the government. He may or may not be a doctor but he will have the skills like a doctor to heal others. The native will neither expect nor accept any free help or donations from others. The seven generations of his family (3 before him and 3 after him) will be benefited after his birth. Sun in 9th house gives good results related to siblings and children. The parents of the native may be government employee or may earn wealth through government.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun in 9th house

1) Native should never accept any silver articles in donation rather he can donate silver articles.
2) Native should not accept any free help from others.
3) He should not have either very hot temperament or very soft nature.
4) He should help his family members, brothers or sisters.
5) One should keep some thick brass (Peetal) utensils at home.

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