Different Planets affect Our Life at different age

Each planet rules different years of life and also a planet gives it special results in different years.

Name of the PlanetFirst CycleSecond CycleThird CycleFourth Cycle
Saturn1-6 years36-41 years71-76 years
106-111 years

Rahu7-12 years42-47 years77-82 years

Ketu13-15 years48-50 years83-85 years118-120 years
Jupiter16-21 years51-56 years86-91 years

Sun22-23 years57 - 58 years92-93 years

Moon24th year59th year94th years

Venus25-27 years60-62 years95 - 97 years

Mars28 - 33 years63 - 68 years98 - 103 years

Mercury  34 - 35 years69 - 70 years104 - 105 years

For example, if someone's life was going smooth and he suddenly starts facing problems from the 28th year of life; it indicates that Mars in his horoscope is giving malefic results and requires special scrutiny. Similarly, if someone faces problems in his 34-35 years, it indicates problem due to Mercury.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert