Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Mercury

As per Lal Kitab, Sun + Mercury combination is related to Pen used in profession, Government Money, Dense Green Mountain, Red Alum, White Glass, Artificial benefic Mars, Rules longevity of male child.

When Saturn aspects this combination, native gains through work related to Saturn up to 27-33-36-39 years of life. But, native may not benefit from government. Though both planets will give good results but Sun will dominate. Sun will not act like debilitated planet irrespective of its placement. Native will benefit from work related to Mercury. Lal Kitab states that if Sun is Soul; Mercury is the pen of almighty God who writes our destiny. If Sun is Monkey (with red face), Mercury supports him like the tail of baboon. Mars also gives good results. Native is very hard working. He never expects wealth of others and is self dependent. He makes his own destiny through his hard efforts.

Native is benefited from the government. Native will have long life but he will die suddenly. His education will never go waste. He will gain through his writings. Native is fortunate and destiny supports him from the young age. Wife of the native will also be intelligent. Native is expert in Mathematics, occult and Architecture.

When Saturn is placed in 3-4-5 houses, it gives auspicious results.

If there is line between ring finger and little finger, native becomes astrologer.

When Moon or Jupiter aspects Sun + Mercury combination, it does not give good results. Or when Moon or Jupiter are placed in 3/5/6 houses, it gives bad results. When Mercury is placed in 3/6 houses, Mercury gives at par excellent results.

When Sun + Mercury are malefic, Venus gives poor results till the age of 25 years. Native will suffer in childhood and may have dispute with government (but will finally win). When Sun is placed in 7th house or inimical planets joins this malefic combination, native will not succeed in business enterprise. 

Sun + Mercury in I House

Native will be rich, fortunate, intelligent and good adviser. He will benefit from government, Mathematics and Yoga. He may enter into some dispute with a senior government person but he will finally win if Saturn does not influence this combination in horoscope or Varsh Fhal. 

Sun + Mercury in II House

Native will have good health and be intelligent. The first house influence will get added into this combination. Native may not be very wealthy.

Sun + Mercury in III House
Auspicious. Rahu will not give bad results. Native will be very sincere in love affairs. But if native is insincere in love affairs or he is a flirt, Rahu and Venus will give highly malefic results. Native will get defame and suffers till 34th year of age.

Sun + Mercury in IV House

Very auspicious. Native is very rich.

Sun + Mercury in V House

Sun dominates in this house. Native has long life (90 years) but dies suddenly.

Sun + Mercury in VI House

Native gets the happiness from children if second house is vacant. If Sun is well placed, it gives good results. But, if there are inimical planets in 2nd house, native will be unfortunate and will not have long life.

Sun + Mercury in VII House

Native does not benefit from government. If Venus is well placed, native's wife will be from rich family. She will be beautiful and clean heart. Native will be very rich and have high income. He will have the capacity to feed hundreds of people. Native may not have very good young age but he will have all comforts in childhood and old age. He will boldly face obstacles in his life and comes out of all situations successfully. Learning Astrology will benefit him. Ketu and Mercury will start giving its good results after the age of 34 years.  

Sun + Mercury in VIII House

Mercury will give inauspicious results. Planets posited in 2nd house will suffer. If Mars is also malefic in the chart, native may be short tempered, cruel and characterless. He may die in some quarrel. As a remedy, take a glass vessel and fill jaggery in it. Cover it with glass cap and bury it in a cremation ground. Sun will give results as mentioned in "Sun in 8th House".

Sun + Mercury in IX House

Very good results. Native is benefited through his education and government. The daughter of the native proves to be very lucky for him especially in first 6 years. Native will start getting good results of this combination from 24th year and auspicious results will increase after 34 years. But if Mercury is ill placed in 9th house, native will get inauspicious results from 17-27 years. He will get blames one after the another. He may not beget male child before 34 years. In case of female chart, she may face problems till 22nd year. If native begets female child on Sunday or Tuesday, he will not face such problems. Otherwise, one should perform remedies of Sun or Mars.

Sun + Mercury in X House

Native will be rich. If there are no planets in 1-2 houses, it will give good results. If they are ill placed in 10th house, native will get defame and he will himself spoil his life.

Sun + Mercury in XI House

Native himself and his people staying with him should be God-fearing and perform good deeds otherwise native and his family will suffer.

Sun + Mercury in XII House

Native may suffer from work or relatives related to Mercury. He may suffer from diseases; varicose veins,  epilepsy, nervous system, faints etc. Mercury will destroy the planet posited in 6th house. As a remedy, native should wear Gold. Native should wear diamond before 34th year and pierce his nose and put silver wire for at least 96 hours or 5 days. Native should not accept any taweez from any monk or occult person.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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