Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus + Ketu

As per Lal Kitab, it gives good results in general. Both the planets give either good or bad results. 

Venus alone in 9th house is considered bad but she gives good results in conjunction with Ketu. When Venus and Ketu are placed in 12th house, native's wife will be bold and courageous. She will give birth to many male children. Native will be rich, healthy and happy. When Venus + Ketu are placed in first house and Mars is placed in 4th house, native faces problems in begetting child or he may be childless. His children or relatives will die.

When they are placed in 6th house, both the planets will give highly malefic results. Native's wife will be sterile (unfertile or Banjh) when Jupiter and Sun are ill placed. Native will suffer in his professional life. Perform remedies for both the planets.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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