Lal Kitab Remedies for three or more planets

Jupiter + Mars + Mercury

The three planets together does not give good results. AS a remedy, wear gold and offer raw chana (gram)  black or white to female goat (nanny) in day time. Or offer almonds to  small girls under puberty and take their blessings.

Sun + Moon + Ketu

Worship Goddess Durga and perform remedies for Mercury.

Sun + Venus + Mercury

Do not marry in 17 / 34th year.
In 9th house, offer seven chapati to a fakir (monk).
In 10th house, wear silver ring and do not marry your sibling with wife's sister.

Sun + Venus + Saturn

Do not have red flooring in your house.

Sun + Mercury + Rahu

More than one marriage. Perform remedies of Moon

Sun + Mercury + Ketu

Do not associate with work/people related to Ketu

Moon + Venus + Mercury

Worship your Ishta Devta and do Gayatri Patth. 
Keep vegtable green color parrot as pet. 
Offer food (wheat flour) to black fishes before Sun rise time on Saturdays. Do it for 43 weeks.

Moon + Mars + Mercury

Perform remedies of malefic Mars like keep deer's skin at home etc.

Moon + Mars + Rahu

Cook pudding (halwa) with wheat flour using milk instead of water. Offer it to other and consume yourself also.

Venus + Mercury + Saturn

Serve Cows and dogs especially total black in color.

Mars + Saturn + Ketu

Perform remedies for malefic Mars.
Donate milk at temple or feed milk to snakes especially when they are in second house. When in 2/12 house, offer sweet batashay at a temple.

Jupiter + Saturn + Mercury + Rahu in 12th house

Native should work jointly with in-laws or paternal uncle.

Mars + Mercury + Saturn + Rahu

Do not live in south facing house. Put silver wire under threshold of front door equal to its length. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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