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Astrology and Stock Market Cycles

If we look at the Share Market History, We will find that there are periodic phases of bullish and bearish market. For simplicity, we can divide this cycle into four parts:

Starting from Aries sign, Mesha rashi, the first sign of the Zodiac and transit of Saturn in Aries

This is the phase of completely bearish and all time low market. If we look at the trines of Aries sign or Mesha Rashi, Leo and Sagittarius also represent bearish trends.

Similarly, 2/6/10 signs are to be observed at the same time and these are phases of recovery from bearish market.

3/7/10 signs indicates growth and bullish trends.

4/8/12 signs indicates extremely bullish market and all time high levels. 

The results of Saturn in different signs get modified by aspects and conjunction of other planets.

S Kuber
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert