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Signs (rashis) and their relation with Share Market

Aries - Health Care, Tobacco, Arms and Ammunition and Capital Goods.
Taurus - Banking, Finance, Entertainment, Ready-made Garments, Cosmetics and Confectionery.
Gemini - Telecommunications, IT, Internet, FMCG and Media
Cancer - Agriculture, Milk, Water, Liquids, Silver, cloth and Rice.
Leo - Power, Government, Wheat and Arms & Ammunition.
Virgo - IT, Toys, Exports and Aviation.
Libra - Banking, Finance, Insurance, Ready-made Garments and paints.
Scorpio - Medical and Explosives
Sagittarius - Banking, Insurance, Exports and Gold.
Capricorn - Leather, Oil, Cement, Metals and Infrastructure. 
Aquarius - Leather, Alcohol and Jewelry.
Pisces - Medical, Insurance, Foot-wear and Exports

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert