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You must be feeling relaxed after troublesome period of second half of year 2010. Though things will improve in the first half of the year but your problems are not yet over completely. You will continue to feel lack of satisfaction and unnecessary minor issues at professional place. Your worries will be over by this year end and you will feel far better and relaxed by the year end. You income will improve in this year and it will continue to better whole of the year. Your efforts will bring more gains but not to your full satisfaction. If you are looking for change and betterment in profession, you may have to wait till next year. In the first half of the year, you will desire to gain more and more money. But do not forget to return others money as it may spoil your reputation and give bad name in society. This is the year to carry forward the things and patiently wait for better things to happen in your favor. This is the good year for marital life and you may also inherit some ancestral property or you may get some unearned wealth. Singles may feel disappointments in their love relationships. Keep your self away from the company of bad friends as you may spoil your social status through them. This year is not very positive about health and you need to properly look after your health and especially any chronic problems. Avoid overeating especially sweets and fried food. Your health will improve by the year end.        

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer & Lal Kitab Expert