Mesha Rashi 2011 Horoscope Predictions

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The year 2011 is a year of positive results especially in the second half. You will be exploring opportunities for betterment in career abroad or away from home in first half of the year 2011. First half of the year indicates more work pressure which may partially affect your marital life. You may have to undergo long distant travels on account of profession which will finally benefit you. If you are still awaiting an opportunity abroad, this is the right time to put best efforts and succeed. If you are running your own business and looking for expansion, it will materialize in first half of the year 2011. There is also possibility of relocation in job which may initially appear creating some tensions and pressure but expect good bottom line. January, February and March are good months for professional life, increments and promotions. In first half of the year, you will spend money on some charitable cause or donations. You may also plan to improve your home like renovation or expansion or bringing in new articles. You may gain some unearned wealth in the first half of year 2011 and you may also plan for long term investments.

September and October months are little inauspicious for professional life and you may also be troubled on account of quarrels at home or with spouse. As a student or learner, you can also take up higher professional education. The second half of year 2011 though auspicious in general but indicates some loss of wealth.

May onwards, your prestige will increase socially and someone may propose you for love relationship. If you are awaiting response from someone, you will get positive acceptance in middle of the year. This year your beloved ones will give you more care, love and regards in second half of the year. Marital life will be good in this period. Your objectives will be fulfilled. November and December months are again auspicious for professional life.

You may gain weight in second half of this year so it is suggested to avoid overeating especially sweets. Take only fresh cooked meals especially in second half of this year. Avoid speaking harshly in second half as it may otherwise disturb family atmosphere. Overall, it’s a good year for Aries sign Mesha rashi people for good health, profession, education, love and marital life. 

S Kuber 
Vedic Astrologer & Lal Kitab Expert