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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter 7

Libra Ascendant or Tula Lagna

Shloka - 1

Saturn produces yoga for Libra natives. Though, Jupiter is lord of third and sixth house, Jupiter produces yoga.

Shloka - 2

Mars though malefic as lord of 2nd and 7th house, it certainly does not kill Libra native.

Shloka - 3 & 4

If Jupiter and Venus are conjunct or aspect each other or are aspected by Mars and Saturn or they are in signs owned by Saturn and Mars; than in Jupiter-Venus or Venus-Jupiter period, native suffers from small pox, injuries or other similar problems.

Shloka - 5

If Sun and Mercury placed in 12th house are aspected by Saturn, native's father will be fortunate and will have middle age.

Shloka - 6

If Sun, Saturn and Mercury are related to Mars, it confers great fortune to the native.

Shloka - 7

Rajyoga is produced if Sun, Saturn and Mercury are related to Mars or Moon.

Shloka - 8

Sun, Venus and Mercury in ascendant makes the person fortunate and wealthy.

Shloka - 9 & 10

If Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Venus are in ascendant and Moon and Mars in 7th house, Mercury dasha certainly makes the native wealthy and fortunate.

Shloka - 11

A special yoga is caused if Jupiter is placed in 8th house, Saturn in ninth house and Mars in 11th house.

Shloka - 12

If Jupiter is placed in 6th or 12th house and Moon is placed in ascendant, native gets good results in Saturn dasha.

Shloka - 13

Venus becomes killer if placed in ascendant. Mars does not become killer though lord of 2nd and 7th house.

Shloka - 14

Saturn in ascendant and Moon in Cancer give rise to Rajyoga.

Shloka - 15

If Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are placed in Aquarius and Rahu in 10th house; native gets holy dips in Ganga in Rahu dasha.

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