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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter Three (14th post)

Bhatri-Bhava (House of Brothers)

Shloka 1

Third lord and the karka of 3rd house i.e. Mars if associated, indicates more brothers.

Shloka 2

3rd lord, Sun and Mars in third house makes the native brave and enduring.

Shloka 3

Rahu-Ketu in 3rd makes one brave. Mercury makes impatient lacking self confidence.

Shloka 4

Weak 3rd house associated with Jupiter or Mars; one should state more brothers.

Shloka 5 & 6

If Jupiter is placed in 11th house, native suffers sorrow from elder brother. If Mars is in 11th house aspected by Saturn; native will lack elder brothers. One should state arishtha (death or casuality) to brothers if 3rd lord is placed in 6/8 houses.

Shloka 7

If 10th lord is placed in third house in horoscopes of Shatriya (political or fighter class), it certainly minimizes the Rajyoga.

Shloka 8

The learned states that 2nd lord with 3rd lord makes one generous (charitable).

Shloka 9

2nd lord and 3rd lord if associated with Saturn makes one greedy and miser; as learned states.

Shloka 10

If 3rd lord is placed in in 6/8/12 houses with benefic, it indicates arishta (death or casuality) late in their life.

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