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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter V

Enemies & Diseases

Shloka 1

8th lord in ascendant gives sickly body. 6th lord in ascendant , native is troubled by diseases and maternal side.

Shloka 2, 3, 4,5,6

Sun & Moon combined with lords of ascendant & 6th, native has danger from fever and water respectively. Mars indicates danger from diseases arising due to wounds, weapons and plague. If Mercury is similarly posited, it indicates pitta problems. Jupiter indicates no diseases. Saturn in similar yoga shows fear from thieves and low class people. Rahu-Ketu indicates fear from snakes, tiger etc.Venus indicates danger to wife. One should state death in war etc. when Mars is in conjunction with 3rd lord.

Shloka 7

6th lord in 12th with afflicted (debilitated etc.) planet and strong ascendant lord; one should predict destruction of diseases.

Shloka 8

Ascendant lord as lord of 6th house (also) if weak but related to benefic; enemies will turn friends.

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