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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter XII

Ordinary Yogas

Shloka 1

Learned Astrologers state that native will get auspicious results of the house for, house lord conjuncts house karka.

Shloka 2

3rd/8th/11th lords are evil. 5th/9th lords are auspicious.

Shloka 3

Despiter Jupiter may own 3/6/8 houses or posited in 8th house, he gives auspicious results.

Shloka 4

Venus gives auspicious results in both 6th & 12th houses.

Shloka 5

Rahu confers yoga while placed in 10th/11th/4th/5th houses.

Shloka 6

Natural benefic confers no yoga if own kendra. Malefics confers yoga if lords of kendra or posited in kendra.

Shloka 7

The auspicious results of the house will reduce if occupied or aspected by Saturn.

Shloka 8

Learned state that if Saturn aspects 3rd / 9th house, the house give good results..

Shloka 9

Weak Moon (paksha-bala) in lagna makes the native dull. He is fed by others and remain dependent. Full Moon makes one possess good qualities and wealthy.

Shloka 10  

Native is fortunate if Moon & Mars join in lagna or 8th house. He will possess properties if Mars joins 4th lord.

Shloka 11

Native acquires four leg animals if Jupiter is posited in 4th with 4th lord.

Shloka 12

A house, its lord or its karka if hemmed in between malefic, it gives sorrow and evil to the native.

Shloka 13

11th lord & 12th lord if related confers yoga. 11th lord produces good results if occupy 3rd / 12th house.

Shloka 14

9th lord in 8th for any ascendant confers no yoga and gives ordinary results.

Shloka 15

Moon in 6th makes the native intelligent and talented. He will be fickle minded if Moon is in 2nd house.

Shloka 16

Begining from Aries, signs are odd and even alternatively.

Chapter 14

Grahamalika Yoga

~Pancha-graha-malika yoga: All planets in 5 houses starting from lagna.
~Shashta-graha-malika yoga: All planets in 6 houses starting from lagna.
~Sapta-graha-malika yoga: All planets in 7 houses starting from lagna.

~Ashta-graha-malika yoga: All planets in 8 houses starting from lagna.
~Nava-graha-malika yoga: All planets in 9 houses starting from lagna.

~Some Astrologers state that Graha-malika-yoga starts from Sunwheras some state that it starts from lagna.
~ Native with Graha-malika yoga and all planets in 6,7,8,9 houses or in first five houses from lagna is fortunate.
~Planets located in even signs give results of mool trikona rashi first followed by other sign lordship. And reverse for the odd sign.
~Planets in 2nd from Sun move fast. Normal in 3rd house; slow in 4th; somewhat retrograde in 5th and 6th; fully retrograde in 7th & 8th; transverse in 9th & 10th; very swift in 11th & 12th. Fast moving benefic losses beneficence.
~Malefics become good when retro.

Chapter XIV

Planetary rulership etc.

~For Sun, Leo is mooltrikona & own sign, Aries is exaltation, Libra is debilitation, Gemini-Virgo are neutral, Cancer-Scorpio-Sagittarius-Pisces are friendly, Taurus-Capricorn-Aquarius are inimical.

~For Moon, Taurus is mootrikona and exaltation, Scorpio is debilitation as well neutral, Cancer is own sign, Aries-Gemini-Libra-Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces are neutral, Leo-Virgo are friendly.   

~For Mars, Aries is mootrikona and own sign, Scorpio is own sign, Taurus-Gemini-Virgo-Libra-Aquarius are inimical, Capricorn is exaltation, Cancer is debilitation and friendly, Leo-Sagittarius-Pisces are friendly.

~For Mercury, Virgo is exaltation, mooltrikona and own sign, Gemini is own sign, Taurus-Leo-Libra are friendly, Cancer is inimical, Aries-Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius are neutral, Pisces is debilitation and neutral.

~For Jupiter, Cancer is exaltation & friendly, Capricorn is debilitation and neutral, Aries-Leo are friendly, Taurus-Gemini-Virgo-Libra are inimical, Sagittarius is mooltrikona and own sign, Aquarius is neutral, Pisces is own sign.

~For Venus, Pisces is the sign of exaltation but inimical, Virgo is debilitation but friendly, Taurus is own sign, Libra is mootrikona and own sign, Aries-Gemini-Scorpio are neutral, Cancer-Leo-Sagittarius are inimical, Capricorn and Aquarius are friendly.

~ For Saturn, Libra is exaltation, Aries is debilitation and inimical, Taurua-Gemini-Virgo-Libra are friendly, Cancer-Leo-Scorpio are inimical, Sagittarius - Pisces are neutral, Aquarius is mooltrikona and own sign.

~For Rahu, Taurus is exaltation, Gemini & Cancer are Mooltrikona, Aries is friendly and Virgo is own house. Rahu when exalted gives Raj Yoga.

~For Ketu, Scorpio is exaltation, Sagittarius & Capricorn are Mooltrikona, Libra is friendly, Pisces is own house.


The original writer of the book is respected Shri Ramanujacharya. He was highly learned astrologer and his writings have enlightened many astrology scholars. We have not intentionally given any commentary or our personal views or practical experiences of applications of the said rules to avoid any confusion and make sure readers get original text. None of the astrological rules apply on all horoscopes universally and it is up to the learned astrologers to apply these principles accordingly. Each horoscope demands its own treatment and each horoscope is different from the other henceforth making Astrology as highly advanced and most difficult among all sciences in this world.

Shir Hari Om Tat Sat.       

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