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Bhavartha Ratnakara Chapter 10

Capricorn Ascendant ( Makara Lagna )

Shloka - 1 & 2

Mercury in 8th house and Jupiter in ascendant aspected by Venus will certainly give long life to the native but will also cause poverty.

Shloka - 3

For Capricorn native, Venus in fifth house is benefic but in 10th house, Venus may not cause yoga.

Shloka - 4

Venus and Mercury in ascendant with Moon in 5th aspected by Jupiter will undoubtedly make the native a great king. This yoga is called as Maharaj yoga in Brihat Jatak.

Shloka - 5

Jupiter in ascendant and Mars-Venus are placed in 11th house; native gets wealth through brothers in Jupiter dasha.

Shloka - 6

Capricorn natives will possess beautiful vehicles like palankeen, as said by learned astrologers.

Shloka - 7

Sun, Moon and Mercury in ascendant, Mars-Venus in 12th, both native and his brothers will be fortunate.

Shloka - 8

Saturn and Mercury in 9th makes the native fortunate. Rahu is yogakarka in 12th if placed with Jupiter.

Shloka - 9

Moon in Cancer and Mars in lagna confers Rajyoga.

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