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Jupiter dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

Jupiter dominated people will have broad forehead and not short forehead like a mouse. They will not suffer from Asthma. They will have well built nose. They will have impressive speech and personality. First finger will be long and well built. The joints of fingers will be hardly visible and finger tips at nails will be pointing. Will respect religion and boldly face destiny. No one will be benefited through them as they are careless by nature. Financial situation will be average.

Sun dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

He / She will not be handicap. Wheat like complexion. Bright eyes like a lion but not creating any fear. above average height, slim but powerful. Will tolerate all problems boldly. Long face and broad forehead. Will (first) move right leg. Look like innocent from face but will have hot temperament. Will have control on sensual desires. Takes initiative. Broad hand. Thick joints. round finger tips. Laborus. Strong determination. rarely withdraws after committing.           

Moon dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

Milk like complexion. Cool headed. Broad face. Horse like eyes. Yes man. Speaks softly. Easily befriends others. Likes milk white color clothes. Region below naval (belly) will be heavy like elephant, odd looking. Small thumb. If fingers are very attractive, he likes pet animals and earns through them.   

Venus dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

Curd like complexion. Round face. Beautiful eyes like a bull. Likes luxuries and free from tensions. Relaxed. Joyful. Romantic. Least bothered about problems of others. Loves to be well dressed like females. Over possessive about outward appearance. If he will have pointed fingers and thick finger joints; he will be extremely possessive about opposite sex.

Mars (benefic) dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab
Firm nature. Both lips are similar. Red fearful eyes like lion. Will have mix personality of Jupiter and Sun. Elevated-heavy but narrow square hand. Strong headed. Desire to rule others.

Mars (malefic) dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

Butcher. Carries fire or knife in hand and highly quarrelsome. Fights without any reason. Eyes are red but yellowish like deer; so people are not able to decide whether his eyes resembles lion or deer. Good height and physique. Long life. Where ever he goes, creates problems for others but himself does not suffer. Speaks like roaring lion. Like Yama. If has long thumb and square finger tips; will be highly quarrelsome.

Mercury dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab
Pigeon like eyes. Easily quits and fainthearted. Walks like a cat. Looks like young innocent girl but will have magical personality. Beautiful teeth, expert in mimickery. Rolls his tongue over lips frequently. Talks fast and makes castles in air but not a gossiper. Adjusts with everybody but will not be a leader. Fond of eating but less diet. Loves and respects beauty.  Not much bothered about things. Long thumb and finger joints either protruding outwards or thick. Region below little finger appears outwards. Likes to get to the root cause of everything.

Saturn dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab

Snake like nature and eyes. Black complexion. Line like or thin eyebrows. Blinks eyes after long time. Hides the actual meaning of words he uses for statements. Can shift to any side. If starts helping others, he can go to the extent of sacrificing everything he owns. Very adamant; if not, he will completely destroy opponents even if he gets nothing out of it. Believes in what he sees and can create fear in others like snake does. Small ears and aloof nature.              
 Rahu dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab
 Strong chin.Completely black complexion if Rahu is not exalted. May have only one eye or he may not have any child especially male child. Elephant like eyes. Walks like an elephant. Creates troubles for others like smoke. Destroys his own people. Cunning tricky and foxy in nature. Will have all negative ideas for how to destroy others. Eats more but not fond of good food. Likes to have everything in excess; I mean he prefers quantity rather than quality of everything. Does not like permanent residence like a cat and destroys his own master. If gets opportunity, he can go any extent.

Ketu dominated people as per Indian Astrology - Lal Kitab
Big ears and raised eyebrows at center. Protruded strong body in upper region, heavy legs. He will have body like a carrot - if compared from head to feet. He may have nature similar to dog or pig or like a saint.

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Vedic Astrologer & Lal Kitab Expert


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