Ekadasi / Ekadashi Vrata / Vrat / Fast 2012

Ekadasi / Ekadashi Vrata / Vrat / Fast Year 2012 

As per Hindu Classical texts, there are two types of Ekadashi. Viddha and Shuddha. When Ekadasi is associated with dashmi tithi, it is called as Viddha Ekadashi and Ekadasi assoicated with dwadshi tithi, it is called as Shuddha Ekadashi. Shuddha Ekadsi is highly auspicious for family / married people. Our classical texts give importance to tithi present at the time of Sun rise time. However, depending up on the nature of festival and Vrata, one must choose the right tithi for the best results and fulfillment of desires. Vrat performed on the right tithi give highly auspicious results. And Ekadashi Vrat is cosnidered as one of the most auspicious Vrata. One should not consume rice on Ekadashi but can use unbroken good quality rice to worship Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.
Ekadasi / Ekadashi Date Ekadasi / Ekadashi Day  Ekadasi / Ekadashi Importance Hindu Month Paksha
5th January 2012  Thursday Putra-da Ekadashi Paush Shukla Paksha
19th January 2012 Thursday Shat-tila Ekadasi Magh

Krishna Paksha
3rd February 2012 Friday Jaya Ekadashi Magh Shukla Paksha

17th February 2012 Friday Vijaya Ekadasi Smaart Phalgun / Phagun Krishna Paksha
18th February 2012 Saturday Vijaya Ekadasi Vaishnav Phalgun / Phagun Krishna Paksha
4th March 2012 Sunday Aamlaki Ekadasi Phalgun / Phagun Shukla Paksha
18th March 2012 Sunday Paap Mochni Ekadashi Chaitra Krishna Paksha
3rd April 2012 Tuesday Kamda Ekadasi Chaitra Shukla Paksha
16th April 2012 Monday Varuthini smart Ekadashi Vaishakh / Vaisakh Krishna Paksha
17th April 2012
VaruthiniVaishnav Ekadasi
Vaishakh / Vaisakh
Krishna Paksha

2nd May 2012
Mohini Ekadasi
Vaishakh / Vaisakh
Shukla Paksha

16th May 2012
Apara Ekadashi
Krishna Paksha

1st June 2012
Nirjala Ekadasi
Shukla Paksha

15th June 2012
Yogini Ekadasi
Ashadh / Ashaad
Krishna Paksha

30th June 2012
Hari-Shayani Ekadashi
Ashadh / Ashaad
Shukla Paksha

14th July 2012 Saturday Kamika Ekadasi Shravan / Shrawan Krishna Paksha
29th July 2012 Sunday Pavitra Ekadasi Shravan / Shrawan Shukla Paksha
13th August 2012 Monday Aja Ekadashi Bhadrapada Shudh Krishna Paksha
27th August 2012 Monday Purushotam Ekadasi Bhadrapada Adhi Shukla Paksha
12th September 2012 Wednesday Purushotam Ekadasi Bhadrapada Adhi Krishna Paksha
26th September 2012 Wednesday Padma Ekadashi Bhadrapada Shudh Shukla Paksha
11th October 2012 Thursday Indira Ekadashi Ashwin / Ashvin Krishna Paksha
25th October 2012 Thursday Papaan-Kunsha Ekadasi Ashwin / Ashvin Shukla Paksha
10th November 2012 Saturday Rama Ekadashi Kartik Krishna Paksha
24th November 2012 Saturday Dev Prabodhani Ekadasi Kartik Shukla Paksha
9th December 2012 Sunday Utpanna Margshish Smaart   Krishna Paksha
10th December 2012 Monday Utpanna Margshish Vaishnav   Krishna Paksha
23rd December 2012 Sunday Mokshda Margshish Shukla Paksha

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