What is Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab (7)

A small note about Jupiter and Mercury

As we know Jupiter and Mercury are the two planets who rules only dual signs hence indicating duality. Jupiter is capable of giving excellent or extremely adverse results depending upon his placement in a house. Jupiter rules both this material world and spiritual world. The bad results of Jupiter are reflected through Saturn and auspicious results of Jupiter will be exhibited through its own significations like ancestral (9th house) etc. 

Placement of Jupiter in lagna could be very auspicious and can give king like life but ill placed Jupiter can make the person poor and move around begging for livelihood. That's is what duality can do in extremes.

Similarly, well placed Jupiter in second house can make the person very helpful in nature and person can go beyond his limits to help others but ill placed Jupiter can spoil native's own family. Third house Jupiter can make the person brave who can hunt even Lions but ill placed will make one coward, jinx and person with poor discrimination power. Fourth Jupiter is the best for all aspects if well placed but ill placed Jupiter will make the person sink his own boat. Fifth house Jupiter gives auspicious results after male - child birth but ill placed Jupiter will deprive the native from male child. He may beget still birth. Sixth house Jupiter blesses fortunes to the extent that native gets everything in life without even asking for it but adversely placed makes one beggar.

Seventh house Jupiter will make one head some religious assignment and be rich but ill placed will deprive one from male child. Even he will suffer on account of adopted child. Eighth house Jupiter makes the person as charitable as Lord Shiv Ji who donated the gold palace of Lanka to Ravana and ill placed gives poverty. Ninth house Jupiter blesses ancestral wealth and gold but ill placed deprives from it. Tenth house Jupiter is generally not good as it is the debilitated house of Jupiter. It gives sorrow and poverty. But still, if well placed, one should live like a clever and selfish person else he will suffer. It means that if Jupiter is placed in 10th house, one should not try to live pious life rather he should live cleverly without giving any help to others. 

Eleventh house Jupiter though will be in his Permanent house but as the house is ruled by Saturn, Jupiter may give bad results. If well placed, even snakes will worship the native but if ill placed, native will die at some lonely place where there will be no relative to offer last clothing and ritual for him.

Twelfth house Jupiter brings in wealth like the flow of the river. But if Jupiter is not well placed he may not be able to use that wealth for himself. 

Result of Jupiter in relation with different planets. This relationship could be conjunction or Lal Kitab positive aspects.

In relation with male planets Sun and Mars: Copper (of Sun) will turn into gold (of Jupiter).
In relation with female planets Venus and Moon, even mud-filled water will turn into pure milk.

Pandit Roop Chand Ji mentions that when malefic (Sa, Ra, Ke) are ill placed, Jupiter gives bad result and Jupiter is like bronze instead of gold for the native. Jupiter and Rahu both govern 12th house (sky). Though Rahu gets debilitated in 12th house still 12th is the permanent house of Rahu. Jupiter rules over air of this environment we use to breath. Jupiter rules over both material and spiritual world meaning both the worlds on either side of the sky. Rahu is the blue door in the sky in between the two worlds so it provides the passage for transiting from one world to another. Henceforth, if Rahu is ill placed in the horoscope, it will pollute the air (Jupiter) we breath resulting in breathing troubles like Asthma. But if Rahu is well placed like in third or sixth house, Jupiter will not give any adverse results. Also, When Jupiter is placed alone in any house may be afflicted by other planets or inimical planets or malefic planets, he will not give bad results. 

If Jupiter is completely afflicted or Malefic are ill placed and related,  his general results will be like Mercury. His results will be decided according to placement of Mercury in the horoscope. Remedy of malefic planets will be useful in this context. 

Jupiter is the planet who can manage or alter results of all the planets. In other words, different forms of God and deities are fully capable of managing and changing results of all nine planets. Jupiter will exhibit or inform about forthcoming malefic effects of Rahu / Ketu through his own karka (significators). If Jupiter associates with solar eclipse (Sun + Rahu) or Lunar Eclipse (Moon + Ketu) or malefic (Ra, Ke, Sa) or inimical planets (Me, Ve), the results of both worlds will be spoiled. It means that native gets malefic results of both spiritual and material world. Even debilitated Mars (fourth house) can spoil Jupiter's result depending upon their placement.

When Jupiter is placed in houses from 12th to 5th, he supports Sun and Saturn. When Jupiter is placed in houses from 6th to 11th, he supports only Saturn.