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Tula Rashi 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Om Gan Ganpatay Namha

Tula Rashi 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Libra 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Career and Profession

Year 2013 will begin with moderate to ordinary career positions and you will continue to struggle at least till middle of the year. You will face difficulties in completing your goals and closing important deals in your favor. You will not be able to meet your targets this year or your annual business turnover will decrease.But things will improve a bit in second half of the year. You have to strictly follow your quick decision making ability and try to remain active in your work. Little carelessness can result in loss of huge orders. Try to accept orders of your seniors sincerely as you are already under scrutiny. This is not the right year to plan any expansions or change of job as you may wrong decisions. Do not get upset by constructive criticism at office as it will help you in the long run. Try to involve yourself in some new learning related to profession rather than getting bogged down by adverse situation. any professional knowledge gained at this time will help your career in the long run. Avoid any arguments with your seniors in second half and try to complete your work on time. You will have to do extra work of your seniors for you will not even get any appreciation.

Love, Marital and Health

Though there are no serious concerns related to love or marital aspects but you will be criticized for your behavior. A love affair can really distract you from your education or career prospects. Your love partner can demand very high and you may end up making false promises which will not be fulfilled later. The beginning of the year will start with some misunderstandings which will resolve later. This is not very good for your health as your chronic problems will aggravate. You will face some or the other minor problems through out the year. Its good to perform serious remedies in this year to help reduce health problems which can eventually effect your performance at work. Try to do as much light exercise as possible and keep strict check on diet especially junk food as you may end up spoiling digestion process. 


First half of the year is inauspicious for students. You will not be able to focus in your studies and do very ordinary in exams. Silly mistakes will make you feel crazy and you will wonder for the reasons. Second half of the year indicates improvements and betterment in studies. Avoid spending too much time on internet to prepare for examinations; rather try to take help of books and hard notes. 


This is an ordinary year for wealth. You may take some loans to manage your expenses which will be cleared later. Do not plan any major investments in this year especially share markets etc. 

This year, when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions,  please do not forget to ask for past predictions of the current life from your astrologer. Test your Astrologer. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you telling him everything and all your problems. Please help to save the divine science of Astrology.

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