Kuber's Lal Kitab House Horoscope Lal Kitab Makaan Kundli


Direction of different things inside your home like 

*where you have kept deity idols
*family meditation place
*which wall has poster or painting and what is that painting. Like for example we told the native that their is poster of red car on the wall; there a blue mask poster on the wall; there is poster of Lord Shiva and Maha Lakshmi on which wall of the house
*which direction you keep medicines like tablets inside home
*which direction of house you keep liquid medicines 
*living room
*guest room
*toilet direction
*direction of toilet attached bathroom
*location of dining table
*where you keep shoes
*direction of house getting light and ventilation
*direction you have kept toys and to the extent which toy like for example we told the native that one of the toy is red color monkey
*direction your daughter plays in the house
*which all directions you have wood-work at home 
*kitchen exhaust 
*narrow or closed portion inside house 

and endless things of your house. S Kuber does it in routine. How?

S Kuber RA makes a Lal Kitab House Horoscope or Lal Kitab Makaan Kundli for your house where you live through your personal horoscope. He is the pioneer in this area and is now teaching the new skills to leading Vedic Astrologers. 

Our House Horoscope affects our lives many times more than we are concerned the most i.e. Vastu. Because general Vastu principles are applicable for every body but it does not suit individual horoscope. Like for example, milk is good for health but it can act like a poison for native who has wrong placement of Saturn and Moon. 

You will agree that different articles on this earth are ruled by different planets; and the only thing is we do not know how! As all nine planets are not beneficial to any individual in this world similarly different articles ruled by different planets are not beneficial to everyone. These simple articles like books, musical instrument, lap-top, electrical items, mobile, shoes etc can give adverse results when placed in wrong direction inside our house. 

Lal Kitab states that simply following Vastu rules is illusion of having Vastu done and declaring house as good home for living. A house brings prosperity and becomes Home when all members living there are happy.    

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