Karka Rashi 2014 Horoscope Predictions

Karka Rashi Career Horoscope Predictions 2014
The first half of the year indicates some concerns related to career and you will have to move around unnecessarily. You will be troubled on account of old vehicles while traveling. Avoid using old vehicles or road transport. Your work and efforts will not be appreciated rather you may face embarrassing situations many times. Your enemies have gained lot of power and they will try to attack from behind the scene creating sudden problems. If you will will try to take things lightly and remain kind and emotional; it will further impact negatively. Do not postpone things as it will reduce chances of success. March to august period is more difficult for career as it will force you to repent on your statements and decisions. Test anyone at least twice before you trust them. Do not over react while becoming liberal and use your wealth judiciously while lending or charity. Quick earning methods may give moderate results as you may invest smartly in this year. If you are involved in some computer, animation or IT related fields than this year will give comparatively better results. You need to control over too much charity and expenses this year. Though Jupiter transit is not good even in second half of the year but this Jupiter will give many good results also by controlling malefic effects produced by other planets. Mars will remain benefic in first half of the year hence it will control many negativity of first half. Second half of the year indicates increase in intellect, positive thinking and boosting of confidence levels but at the same time you will also suffer from high ego and problems in relations with seniors. Your performance and image will no doubt increase in this period. If you are fed up of current job or want to do something new, second half of the year is better to take important decisions. Mid July to august end is unfavorable period in terms of possibility of some dispute or concern at home or at office hence it will be wise to avoid any confrontation. Saturn is no doubt exalted in 4th house in transit with Rahu but it may result into problems related to property or litigation. You may have to sell your old property. Take all decisions with due care as you may also face some blame at work place. 

Karka Rashi Health Horoscope Predictions 2014 
The year 2014 is not very auspicious for health aspects for Karka Rashi. There will be health problems related to chronic diseases, tensions, chest and digestion. You may have to accept food away from home many times hence it will wise to choose your food destination on basis of quality rather than price. March to August are months are critical for health issues. It will be highly advisable to perform yagya at home at least once in a month on no moon day to remove any negative energy inside home. You should be very strict on taking medicines and should not skip any dose. There is risk of some minor accident in second quarter of the year but you will be protected against any major damage. 

Karka Rashi Love and Marital Horoscope Predictions 2014

This is an average year related to love affairs. Your relationship may be exposed. Second quarter of the year indicates misunderstandings. Your friends will extend their support but you will end up spending too much money on them. You can expect good results if your spouse is working as there is possibility of investment in some property in her name. Your children will do well in their education and may also go to some distant place There will be some problems related to visa for your progeny and they may face minor trouble for foreign tours. You will not be able to spend much time with family If unmarried, marriage may take place in second half of the year. 

Karka Rashi Education Horoscope Predictions 2014 

First half of the year 2014 is not favorable for education and final result but your performance will improve from second half. You need to be disciplined in your time table as malefic planets in fourth house tend to make you careless and casual in approach. There may be some confusion related to chosen field and you decide to drop or change your subjects without giving much consideration to advice of elders. There is risk of loss of year through self decision.  There may be frequent disturbances for long journeys as Saturn and Rahu in 4th house shows repairs to conveyance. 

This year, when you ask for your personal and paid horoscope predictions, ask for past predictions of current life from your astrologer and test him. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you tell him about all your problems.  

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer