Tula Rashi 2014 Horoscope Predictions

For Tula rashi natives, Saturn is no doubt a benefic planet but current transit is not benefic for professional prospects. There will be many ups and downs in the career and you will feel frustrated and angry on account of troubles and losses. Health concerns can result in to expenses and loss of valuable time which was actually desired for betterment of the career. You may have to visit frequently to government offices and hospitals for self or family reasons. You will be penalized for small mistakes by authorities hence it is good to avoid breaking even basic rules of law and courts. You may face financial loss out of anger and argument. We strongly suggest you to drive as carefully as new driver and avoiding any mistake as it may result into unwanted argument and even accident if you are under unfavorable dasa. The first half of the year is inauspicious if you are field person by profession. Do not plan any trip away from home in which you have to drive yourself. Take a professional cab and driver to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Your spouse is going to extend you his / her support for the heavy expenses you are going to meet in this year but there will some issues also. Blood and abdomen related diseases will be of concern in this year.

Your relations with senior will be like cliffhanger and you can control them by keeping your head cool and calm. This advice is very important for first half of the year. Any investments will get blocked and good results will be delayed much beyond your expectations. If you are into credit business, you will not be able to recover your own money in first half of the year. Employees will be highly disappointed as we do not see any increment in this year.

You had faced difficult times in past one and a half years in your career and the current year will also pass under some difficulties.

Health for Tula Rashi Libra 2014

We can not call this year as auspicious for health as you may face health problems more than once in this year and you may require to spend your wealth on health issue related to self or spouse and family. Health problems to self and family are asking for serious attention for self and family especially for the first half of the year and Tula rashi natives should not take any illness lightly as year 2014 first half is not favorable at all. July and August shows disputes in family and among brothers.

Career for Tula rashi Libra 2014 

Expect things to change only after mid this year as we do not see much positive events in first half. Rather first half of the year shows loss of wealth and even job because of some unwanted dispute. Any pending debts will not be cleared in first half and you may have to face more expenses and inflow will get stuck. Employees expecting increment or betterment will feel disappointed in first half but second half of the year shows recovery and betterment. Second half of the year though shows positivity related to career but you may end up facing some dispute due to deception. 

Love and marital for Tula rashi Libra 2014 

First half of the year shows unpleasant atmosphere in personal life for married people. People looking for marital prospects will not get success. Any haste decision related to marital aspects will eventually end up in trouble or break. Some of you can expect success in marriage at some distant place. Spouse may extend his / her financial support for the expenses for family and children but there will be tensions at home. 

For love relationship, year 2014 is mix year without much success as you will be in confused state of mind regarding your decisions. you can look to convert to your love partner to marriage in second half of the year. There will be risk of exposed relationship.

Education for Tula rashi Libra 2014 

This year is a overall moderate year for students as you will succeed in competitive examinations after hard work and some struggle. If you are looking for some education abroad, get it done quickly in fast half of the year for all documentation as second half shows problems. Overall, we do not see much problems for education in this year and second half shows improvement in education and studies. 
This year will give moderate results for natives looking for betterment in some educational prospects. You may be seriously looking for clearing some competitive exams and you are going to put best of your efforts for it. Your efforts will be mixed with some laziness at sometimes and over aggression at times creating some imbalance and hurdles in easy clinching. From the beginning of the year, Mars will be transiting from the 12th house    

This year when you decide to take predictions for your personal horoscope, ask for past predictions of current life along with future predictions and test your astrologer. Instead of you telling all your problems, let your astrologer read your horoscope and let him tell you about your life and problem areas. Save the divine. Save astrology. 

Before performing remedies, please check for articles related to malefic planets inside your own house where you live. First remove malefic effects at the place where you live to see positive effects of remedies. 

This year, when you ask for your personal and paid horoscope predictions, ask for past predictions of current life from your astrologer and test him. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you tell him about all your problems. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer