Saturn transit in Scorpio Vrischika Rashi 2015, 2016, 2017 for Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi Sani Peyarchi Palangal Palan


Saturn is going to transit in your twelfth house in Scorpio Sign Vrischika Rashi in year 2015, 2016, 2017. As per Moorthy Nirnaya method, this change of transit is happening in Tamra Murthi or Copper Moorthy which gives 50% bad results hence overall bad results. 

We are going to give predictions not only for general transit of Saturn in your 12th house but we will also give predictions with respect to your natal horoscope for the first time in the history of Astrology. So, read the full post to appreciate deeper result.

Twelfth house in natural zodiac is the house of excess expenses, wastage, misery, loss, penalty, bed pleasure, hospitalization, divine knowledge, investments, secret enemies etc.

Saturn transit in general is inauspicious in 12th house. The above mentioned negative results will be experienced.  There will suffering on account of grief. There will be problems in career and if you are already under bad dasa bhukti, one may loose the job. There may be losses in business. There will expenses on many account and fruitless travels. Mind will be clouded with many worries. Your targets and objectives will not be met on time. You may take some wrong decisions. People in transferable job may be relocated to unwanted place without any betterment in job. Any new ventures may give many troubles and existing business will also not run properly. You will initially put many efforts but none of them will give desired results. Luck will also not support. Time is already not favorable and you may face problems on account of hidden enemies as they will plot your defeat and you may come to know about it when decisions are already being made against you. Your own words and speech may become the reason of loss. You may initially working hard but when good results may not come, you tend to loose heart and feel lethargic about work. Shastra say that sade sathi time helps to test your best friends and loved relatives as most of them disappear from the scene when you will be under difficult situation.

But all the above mentioned results of Saturn are general and its intensity will decrease or increase as per placement of Saturn in your own horoscope. Let us understand how this Saturn will modify results with respect to your own horoscope. We are giving this personal transit result for the first time in history of Astrology. Other Astrologers reading this post should not copy as it is copyright material.

First check the Ashtakvarga points in your Scorpio sign. You can easily check the same from Ashtakvarga table. If you are unable to locate it, please call us for free assistance. If there are more than 28 points in your Scorpio sign, you need not worry so much. In this period look for long term investments and do not keep excess of liquid money with you else you may end up loosing lot of wealth.
If Saturn is placed in your lagna or along with Moon in your natal horoscope, this transit of Saturn will give more bad results only. There will be depression and anxiety due to less income and more expenses. You will work hard but there will be ordinary output. 
If your natal Saturn is placed in second house from Lagna or Moon, this transit of Saturn will be auspicious to go for some long term investments and refuel existing network. You will get maturity of old investments hence immediately re invest or clear any debts else you may end up spending them all. You will have easy excess to fresh loans hence accept them carefully. There will be problems to health of the Father and in law family will also face problems. You will be too much occupied for wealth management. You will undertake a distant trip with family and feel happy despite of incurring excess expenses.  

If your natal Saturn is placed in third house, this transit of Saturn will not give bad results rather you will look forward to make new customers and focus on your distant business. There will be many short travels and expenses thereby. One of your sibling will undertake distant journeys for career reasons. You may also get some gains through distant places and expenses afterwards. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in fourth house, this transit of Saturn will bring many difficulties in life and many obstructions in career life. Domestic atmosphere will also disturb. You may have to change your living place or you may not be able to spend much time at home and with family. You will be forced to shift your residence if living in rented property. You may take some fresh loans and later realize that it was not used for proper reasons and huge sum of the loan is being spent for other expenses. If you are already running bad dasa bhukti, you may be fired from the job. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in fifth house, this transit of Saturn is the worst for your horoscope as it can give all sorts of troubles in personal as well career life. There will be concerns related to health of family, spouse or children and much expenses thereby. One of your family member may hospitalize and you may loose all your saved wealth. You may take many wrong decisions and all new ventures may fail. Tax related issues may lead to legal proceedings. Your first daughter may also face difficulties in her life. Overall this transit has mostly negative results only especially if you are under bad dasa bhukti.  

If your natal Saturn is placed in 6th house, you can expect fresh loans and expenses otherwise this transit is not very bad. You will end up making huge expenses to defeat your opponents and enemies. Your maternal family may suffer and relationship with one of the sibling will be spoiled.   

If your natal Saturn is placed in 7th house, you will feel much pressure on account of family and spouse. You will have clashes with your spouse related to family expenses but you will feel totally helpless in front of her. Though you can not do much about your spouse to make her listen to you still if you try too hard, she may decide to leave you and move to other place. If you are under bad dasa bhukti, you may remain under lot of pressure from family and spouse leading to serious depression and anxiety.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 8th house, this transit is not bad for you. You may face expenses on account of some spiritual tours. You will donate much wealth to your Guru or some spiritual guide and even help them to make their property or living place. You will get blessings of your elders for your noble assistance. If you are under good dasa bhukti, you may get betterment in career but may be at some new place. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 9th house, this is inauspicious for elder males of the family like Father or elder brother. There will be health concerns causing loss of wealth due to hospitalization. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 10th house,you can expect relocation in job. You may undertake many short travels but results will be ordinary. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in eleventh house, this is good transit for you. You will take up long journeys for both professional and personal reasons. You will move to some distant place to extract more gains but results will be ordinary. You will go for some huge investments in existing or new ventures. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 12th house, this transit can make you borrow lot of money which you hate to do. Your old investments will be liquidated in this time and spent for wasteful reasons. Miser person if suffers even small loss, he can not tolerate hence you should be prepared to face some set back else re invest your liquid money and borrow no money. 

Above predictions are purely related to your own horoscope with respect to position of Saturn in your own horoscope. Check them from Moon as well lagna. 

Now let us see modifications based on placement of planet in your 12th house. 

If you have Sun placed in 12th, house in your natal chart, this transit will give set backs to elder males of the family like Father. There will be concerns related to government of other land. 

If Mars is placed in 8th house in your natal horoscope, and if one of your child is located at distant place, he may face troubles or demand excess wealth and you will lose lot of money on this account.  this transit will destroy your enemies. There will be constant tensions at work place. You may take wrong decisions related to change of job or business investments. Some property investment is also possible at distant place with troubles. Heavy loss is expected in trading. 

If Mercury is placed in 12th house in your natal horoscope, you will decide to go for some new work or investment which may be lost completely. Any legal case related to career or divorce may result into penalty. You will be forced to accept some new assignment and will be transferred without your consent. 

If Jupiter is placed in your 12th house in natal horoscope, you may have to change for better job under difficult circumstances and face transfer expenses yourself. You may move to some distant place thinking that it will be beneficial but you may remain dissatisfied later. 

If Venus is placed in 12 house in your natal horoscope, you will decide to expand with huge loans with expectation of increase in income. We do not expect loss but gains will be moderate. You will meet some female and get attracted towards her resulting into wasteful expenses. You will also gain through foreign sources. 

If Rahu is placed in your 12th house in natal horoscope, you have to be very careful in all types of dealings else you will loose all the money earned in previous years due to some cheating or completely wrong decisions. Going abroad is also on the cards but do so only if employee.  

If Ketu is placed in your 12th house in natal horoscope, this transit will result into loss of job and you may be even fired without giving chance to resign. You will get no results of all your efforts and there will be complete failure.You may go to some distant place and suffer miserably. 

This time when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask for  past predictions of current life also along with future predictions to test your Astrologer. 

 S Kuber RA  
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer