Saturn is going to transit in your seventh house in Scorpio Sign Vrischika Rashi in year 2016. As per Moorthy Nirnaya method, this change of transit happened in Copper or Tamra Moorthy which gives 3/4 good results also. 

We are going to give predictions not only for general transit of Saturn in your seventh house but we will also give predictions with respect to your natal horoscope for the first time in the history of Astrology. So, read the full post to appreciate deeper results

Seventh house in natural zodiac is the house of marriage, partnerships of any type, daily professional activities, social image, our relation with this world, our intellect which we use to help others, show off, excess wealth, agriculture related business, spouse, daughter, own sister, Cow etc. On negative side, 7th house rules over direct opposition, our direct competitor, death, fall etc. 

Saturn transit in general is not considered auspicious in 7th house. The health of the spouse may suffer. Here we are taking transit of Saturn from Moon sign Taurus as well if you are born in Taurus ascendant or Vrishabha lagna. Saturn transit in 7th house promotes travel, distant travels, short term displacement and troubles while traveling. Important junior colleagues or servants may leave. There will be risk of loss of status. One has to take up work asking for hard work and even labor. One may face allegation on his character. There will be many travels related to profession with expectation of better fortune but one is not happy with results. If Saturn is ill placed in natal horoscope also than one may get badly stuck somewhere while traveling and face problems on account of getting some hotel or other accommodation. One may face all these problems but as Saturn is general benefic planet for your horoscope, you will eventually come out of the problems. If not to full extent , some good fortune will protect you. It is important that during this transit, you must handle your relationship with spouse, customers and partners carefully. you may feel disappointed initially on account of  distant trips but it is suggested to keep putting efforts as all work will not go waste and you will also get some positive output. 

But all the above mentioned results of Saturn are general and their intensity will decrease and increase as per placement of Saturn in your own horoscope. Let us understand how this Saturn will modify results with respect to your own horoscope. We are giving this personal transit result for the first time in history of Astrology. Other Astrologers reading this post should not copy as it is copyright material.

If Saturn is placed in your lagna or along with Moon in Vrishabha rashi in your natal horoscope, this transit of Saturn will give bad results as mentioned above. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in second house from Lagna or Moon, this transit of Saturn will enforce you to move away from your family for longer durations. You will get some opportunity with probability of betterment in future asking you to take strong decision and compromise on family. This may not give results as expected for career betterment. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in third house, this transit of Saturn will give both short and long travel. It will also give some good results in regards to your career.You may also visit to some distant place and be benefited by on job training.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fourth house in Simha rashi, this transit of Saturn will give bad results. You will loose self confidence and may perform poorly while presenting yourself. You may think of spending more time with family but fail in your expectations. One of your relative will try to disturb in your business or career.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fifth house in Kanya rashi, this transit of Saturn will give mix results. You will have to work really hard to get your goals and objective achieved. You may think on terms of partnership with one of your friend. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 6th house in exaltation, you can some expect good results also but your domestic life will be disturbed. Your competitors will try to create some problems in success of your business venture.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 7th house in Vrischika rashi, you can expect difficult period in this transit as your efforts will give very ordinary results. You will not get any appreciation or recognition for your work.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 8th house in Dhanu rashi, this is the time for sudden loss and relocation. you will be relocated to some distant and unwanted place. Bad transit for your own horoscope.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 9th house in Makara rashi, this transit will bring sudden gains and good luck also. It will make you gain and win in important situations. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 10th house in Kumbha rashi, there is no need to fear. You will get slow and steady advancement in career with lesser malefic results. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in eleventh house in Meena rashi, this is ordinary transit for your horoscope as malefic results will be experienced.You may get attracted towards some woman.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 12th house in debilitation sign i.e. Mesha Rashi, this is very bad transit for your horoscope as it will bring major set backs on account of career and failure in important goals. You will not be able to complete your objectives and targets and most of the travels will yield poor results.If there are problems in your natal chart related to marital life, it can result into divorce and loss of happiness on account of spouse.

Above predictions are purely related to your own horoscope with respect to position of Saturn in your own horoscope. Check them from Moon as well lagna. 

Now let us see modifications based on placement of planet in your 7th house. 

If you have Sun placed in 7th in your natal chart, this transit will bring health problems and loss of confidence. There will be marital discord. There will be misunderstanding among relatives. You will increase on arrogance and stubbornness. There will issues related to property.

If Mars is placed in 7th house in your natal horoscope, this transit will bring serious disputes among partners.  Relationship with spouse may spoil. You will criticize others and hence will become unwanted in important meetings. Your partners will disagree with your opinion. You will loose important customers. Relation ship with siblings and seniors will also spoil. It is advised to listen to others and if you could apply this simple suggestion; you can escape from bad results and expect sudden gains else there could be losses.

If Mercury is placed in 7th house in your natal horoscope, you can expect good results. There will be success through friends and female relatives. Involve them to ensure your success. You may be face some sex related problems. 

If Jupiter is placed in your 7th house in natal horoscope, it indicates some relief from bad results of 7th Saturn transit. You will continue to do well in your job. There will be some overseas assignments. You will gain from this transit despite it could be bad for general Taurus natives.

If Venus is placed in 7th house in your natal horoscope, you will get sudden gains. Your income will rather increase. You will be asked to accept some higher responsibility with good increment. People will extend their support in your difficult time. 

If Rahu is placed in your 7th house in natal horoscope, this transit will make you trap with some unwanted female. There will be illusions in mind. You may be deceived be someone.  You may be forced to visit some female of poor character and thereby get defame. In career, you can expect mix results like gains and loss. You need to avoid any mischief as it will harm you in long run. Your in laws will be of concern in this period.  

If Ketu is placed in your 7th house in natal horoscope, this transit will be malefic. You will face difficulties in most of your tasks and it will result into failures. You may not have erred but you will be blamed for everything that happens wrong. There is fear of loss of job also. 

This time when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask for  past predictions of current life also along with future predictions to test your Astrologer. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer