Saturn transit in Scorpio Vrischika Rashi 2015, 2016, 2017 for Capricorn Makara Rashi Sani Peyarchi Palangal Palan


Saturn is going to transit in your eleventh house in Scorpio Sign Vrischika Rashi in year 2015, 2016, 2017. As per Moorthy Nirnaya method, this change of transit is happening in silver or rajat moorthy which gives good results and as your transit is in 11th house, expect excellent results of this transit.

We are going to give predictions not only for general transit of Saturn in your 11th house but we will also give predictions with respect to your natal horoscope for the first time in the history of Astrology. So, read the full post to appreciate deeper result.

Eleventh house in natural zodiac is the house of gains, income, elder siblings, ornaments,  freedom from misery, fulfillment of desires and happy news etc

Saturn transit in general is very auspicious in 11th house. The above mentioned good results will be experienced.  There will be no sufferings rather happiness. There will be no problems in career and if you are under good dasa bhukti, you can expect windfall of money. There may be extra ordinary gains in business. Your relationship with your friends, colleagues, seniors will improve. If there was any person bothering you like some elder sibling or any senior or colleagues, he himself will move to some other place or he will be forced to disappear from the scene or he will have to accept what you say. Your gains will suddenly increase and you may expect better increments than others. One of important past desire will be fulfilled. New people will come to support you. Sources of money generation will increase. Your health will be good and any previous disease will also disappear. You will have great confidence levels. If you are expecting child birth in family, you will be blessed with very fortunate child. You will also have full satisfaction in personal life with spouse. You will purchase new things like ornaments or some property. Students will win in competitive exams and even some scholarship is also possible if your horoscope supports the same. Overall these two and half years will be very auspicious hence make best use of this transit. The first half of year 2014 is very auspicious.

But all the above mentioned results of Saturn are general as per transit in 11th house and its intensity will decrease or increase as per placement of Saturn in your own horoscope. Let us understand how this Saturn will modify results with respect to your own horoscope. We are giving this personal transit result for the first time in history of Astrology. Other Astrologers reading this post should not copy as it is copyright material.

First check the Ashtakvarga points in your Scorpio sign. You can easily check the same from Ashtakvarga table. If you are unable to locate it, please call us for free assistance. If there are more than 28 points in your Scorpio sign, there is good reason to feel more good as this transit will be exceedingly good. For example, in your natal horoscope, if Scorpio sign has 35 points or 40 points, you can expect very good results. More points means more benefic results. Maximum points are 56 which are not possible in one horoscope. We desire half of 56 i.e. 28 as good number points. 
If Saturn is placed in your natal horoscope with Moon only, this transit of Saturn will give auspicious results only

If your natal Saturn is placed in second house from Moon, this transit of Saturn will be auspicious from some distant sources. In business, employees will contribute a lot in gains.

If your natal Saturn is placed in third house, you will multiply your efforts and some new ideas and innovative approach will open new doors for you. You may gain from many short travels. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in fourth house, this transit of Saturn is not very auspicious but still you will do well in this period. There will be gains through some property sale purchase or some rental income. If you had any loans, you will be able to clear the same. Your professional rivals will have tough time. If you are running good dasa bhukti, you can expect more good results.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fifth house, this transit of Saturn is indicating gains through some new work or assignment. Students may not experience much betterment due to this benefic transit. One of your child will face difficulty in life. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 6th house, this is the best transit of your life hence expect windfall. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 7th house, you are sure to get promotion in your job along with good raise in income if not already received. You will look forward to gain new knowledge and practical experiences. You will be able to make best use of your skills to convert in cash wealth. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 8th house, some unexpected and sudden gains are possible in this period. Change of residence is possible in this period

If your natal Saturn is placed in 9th house, fortune is adding in your efforts. You will gain some parental wealth in this period. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 10th house, you will have gains through foreign sources and there will be sudden rise in career which may even surprise you. Try to make new customers at distant places as they will multiply your gains. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in eleventh house, this is excellent transit for you except that you may feel upset to take up some assignment which may not appear very promising. But after you get involved, people will jealous of your success as you will emerge victorious. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 12th house, this transit will be very helpful for fresh investments and gains through previous long term investments. This is the time to re invest with added income.You will feel happy to see your gains than more happy to re invest in huge way.

Above predictions are purely related to your own horoscope with respect to position of Saturn in your own horoscope. Check them from Moon as well lagna. Give more importance to Moon followed by Lagna.

Now let us see modifications based on placement of planet in your 12th house. 

If you have Sun placed 11th house in your natal chart, you will receive royal favors. Any official who was trying to put obstructions in your betterment will himself be transferred to some other place. Some unexpected gains are possible. 

If Mars is placed in 11th house in your natal horoscope, you will have gains through properties. There may be some dispute at work place but you will emerge victorious. If you are associated with your elder brother in career, you both will emerge as king of your field. Do not become so ruthless and punishing for your enemies. Do not break your promises or deceive people as it can harm you in long run. 

If Mercury is placed in 11th house in your natal horoscope, it is like Goddess Lakshmi will herself bless you with new trade assignments and huge gains are expected. Gains will come from sources you had never expected in life. All competitions will be won and banks may be literally requesting you to give them opportunity to finance in your business.

If Jupiter is placed in your 11th house in natal horoscope, there will be gains through foriegn sources. you can expect promotion and expansion in job profile by way of some distant assignment. You will have raise in income as well designation.

If Venus is placed in 11th house in your natal horoscope, you can expect to increase your income at least 2 to 3 times. Some female will play very important role in your gains. You will associate with some friend and multiply your business revenue. You may also fall in love with some female and get married if at appropriate age. People getting married will get unexpected huge dowry.

If Rahu is placed in your 11th house in natal horoscope, your mind will work like electric wire. You will be able to deceive your opponents and enemies and take away their share of gains smartly. People will try to cheat you and eventually face huge loss whereas you will gain extraordinary.  

If Ketu is placed in your 11th house in natal horoscope, this transit will start with negative node and some obstructions but immediately afterwards, you will recover from problems and get good gains.

This time when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask for  past predictions of current life also along with future predictions to test your Astrologer. 

 S Kuber RA  
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer