Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury in 6th House

1) If you are employed, it will be auspicious to follow all instructions of immediate Boss. Frankly, we are trying to tell you that it will be auspicious to do cutlery also. 

2) While making any statements related to any future event, be very careful as your words may be like predictions of an astrologer which will be true. Do not curse any one

3) Work related to sea (overseas) travel will be auspicious

4) Avoid any technical work. Technical work we mean that some hand-skilled work. Any work which involves your education, mental skills, writing, law related, agriculture land etc will be auspicious

5) You can earn good wealth through honesty hence it will be wrong to make wealth by greed or cheating others as it will spoil all good results of Mercury in 6th house

6) If you have a daughter, do not marry her in Northern direction

7) Keep your sister, aunt, daughter and other females happy. Involve them as chief guest in all auspicious occasions at home or work place. Let them initiate beginning of all good work

8) Keep some fresh flowers at home / work and replace daily basis. 

9) If Mercury is alone and there is no planet in 2/6/8/12 houses, it will be auspicious to have some printing related work. For example, printing books

10) If Venus (and Mercury) are ill placed in horoscope, it will be auspicious to bury milk filled pot at some deserted place. If Moon supports this Mercury, it will be auspicious to bury a bottle filled with holy water (Ganga water) in some agricultural land.

11) If Mars is placed in 4/8 house, your mother should worship Lord Shiva daily basis

12) If Venus is placed in 4th house, your spouse should wear silver ring in left hand

13) If Saturn is placed in 9/11 houses, look for rich family while getting married

14) Avoid staying in North facing house and do not make new doors in this direction

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Astro - Vastu Consultant