Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus in 8th House

1) Serve black and red cows having horns. If possible, donate one to elder most priest of the temple or to someone who may serve the cow and use it for milk giving animals

2) For good health of spouse, it will be auspicious to donate chari-jwar. This remedy is certainly desired if 2nd house is vacant

3) Give yourself enough sleep and rest to protect your own health

4) Never ever hurt your spouse and try to adjust in given circumstances. Your spouse should never make bad statements (like giving curse to anyone) and be always positive

5) It will be highly auspicious not to accept any free things in life and bow your head at temple daily basis. This remedy is especially applicable for native suffering due to enemies

6) You will no doubt be a knowledgeable person but it is also possible that people do not ask for your suggestions and guidance. It is destiny so try to accept it

7) Marry after 25 years

8) Keep good terms with mother, brother and sister. Take their blessings to remove evil results of Venus in 8th house

9) Put blue flowers in sewer drain

10) If Rahu / Sun / Moon joins Venus, it will good to refrain from giving any legal guarantee / surety. Keep good moral character else there will be sex related diseases like gonorrhea etc

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Astro - Vastu Consultant