Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon in 10th House

1) Never keep relations with people of ill repute

2) When Sun is placed in 7th house, there will be fear from water especially in day time

3) Completely avoid any illicit relation especially when Saturn is placed in 1/4 house. But work related to Saturn will be auspicious

4) Visit temple daily basis

5) If you have any interest in medical field, becoming a surgeon will be highly auspicious

6) Avoid using liquid medicines and drinking milk after Sun set. This remedy is especially applicable who has bad 3rd house due to placement of Mercury or malefic

7) Do not accept free articles like iron, machinery, property etc from your relatives like brother etc

8) If you are a doctor, evening time practice may cause troubles especially when you (also) distribute liquid medicines

9) Always keep holy river water at home

10) When malefic are placed in 4th house and / or Venus is placed in 7th house, consult an astrologer if you face problems related to progeny

11) If 5/8 house is occupied by malefic / Mercury, avoid using articles related to Moon

12) If friendly and benefic planet are placed in second house, it will give auspicious results and things related to that planet will also be auspicious

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Astro - Vastu Consultant