Kark Rashi 2017

Kark Rashi 2017 
Career & Wealth
At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be transiting in your 5th house but it moves to 6th house on 27 January 2017. Saturn will retrograde on 6 April 2017; returns back to 5th house and finally comes back to 6th house on 27 October 2017. Jupiter will transit in 3rd house up to 12 September 2017. Rahu will transit in 2nd house of family and wealth and will remain under inauspicious aspect of Saturn up to middle of the year.

Mars is transiting in your 8th inauspicious house with Venus and Ketu. Most of the planets are at inauspicious position in beginning of the year hence not indicating positive start. But Mars, your most auspicious planet moves to 9th house of luck and fortune on 21 January followed by Venus on 28th January indicating early recovery from a bad start. Venus is going to transit in your 9th house of luck and fortune as lord of 11th house of gains and income for long time up to May end due to retrogression indicating in flow of wealth with support of fortune. June-July months are favorable for purchasing new vehicles. Mars will also be  favorable from 21 January 2017 onward  to 26 May 2017 as Mars will transit in your 9/10/11 houses. This period (& December month) is favorable for property related decisions also. Mars moves to your 12th inauspicious house on 27 May and will remain under aspect of Saturn up to 20 June 2017 indicating serious difficulties in career. You may be blamed for some mistakes and wrong decisions at workplace. As we move ahead from 20 June onward to June end, you will be under inauspicious transit of Mars and Sun indicating concerns related to career, wealth, expenses and loss. 30 June 2017 to 26 July is assuring you moderate gains and income due to auspicious transit of Venus in 11th house of gains. Saturn will extend you its positive support from January end to 6 April 2017. Despite of inauspicious transit of  Jupiter  and its retrogression in 3rd house, you will be able to manage somehow under difficulties and obstacles. We are not trying to say that first half of the year is auspicious and indicating success but we are trying to state that despite of difficulties, you will be able to manage somehow due to favorable transit of other planets.

Mid September, Jupiter will enter your 4th auspicious house followed by Saturn also moving to 6th house on 27 October. You will get complete relief from all major difficulties you were facing in career & wealth and you will start looking positive and focused. You will get better opportunities in career with chances to grab better position and clear important interviews despite competition. Expenses may increase from this period but you will be able to maintain your income rest of the year. Job and business opportunities for new employment / projects are good in this period. The year 2017 will end with much positivity around to be carried forward in next year 2018.


The first half of the year is not so auspicious in regards to health and there will be some concerns related to ENT, dental, abdomen etc. 27 May to 20 June 2017 indicating more health concerns.  But as we move ahead in this year, you will see improvement in health. You will be able to put hard work and best efforts due to fitness in last quarter of the year.


You will do well in this year and will be able to focus and work hard. You will win important competitive exams. Students pursuing higher education will also perform better as you will give your best. If you are targeting for some important exams this year / next year, you should go ahead with your decision and get focused as you will get good results.


Beginning of the year does not look so auspicious for relationships & friends but as we move ahead from 21 January 2017 onward, things will quickly return to normal. Second half of the year is more auspicious. first half of the year indicates misunderstanding and sudden issues in family but second half of the year is far better for married couple and for people looking for new alliance especially if dasa period is conducive. There will be stress & concerns due to child education & career. Second half of year shows auspicious ceremonies and happiness at home. You may save one of your important friend from difficult situation in first quarter of the year.

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
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