Mithun Rashi 2017

Mithun Rashi 2017 Career & Wealth 
At the beginning of the year, Saturn is transiting in your 6th house and it moves to your 7th house on 27 January 2017. Saturn will retrograde on 6 April 2017; returns back to 6th house and finally comes back to 7th house on 27 October 2017. Jupiter will transit in 4th house up to 12 September 2017 & 5th house for rest of the year. Rahu will remain in 3rd house in first half of the year.

Venus who is the most benefic planet of your horoscope as lord of 5th auspicious house of luck & fortune is transiting in your 9th auspicious house and Venus will move to 10th auspicious house on 28 January 2017. Venus is going to transit in 10th auspicious house for long up to May end due to retrogression. In the month of June, Venus will be transiting your 11th house of gains and income. Venus as benefic planet is promising you good results from beginning of the year to June end in regards to career, income and gains. If you are connected to a profession related to distant places or abroad, you can expect best results. Mars will also enter your 11th house of gains and income on 2 March 2017 and Mars will transit in your 11th house of gains and income up to 12 April 2017 supporting auspicious transit of Venus for auspicious results. Mercury, your rasi lord will transit in your 9/10/11 auspicious houses up to 3 June 2017 again giving positivity. Jupiter transiting in 4th house since start of new year up to mid September and in 5th house rest of the year will aspect 10/11 auspicious houses is fully supporting auspicious results in regards to career and income. You can expect wonderful first half of the year where you will get overall success in career, income and gains. Your desires will be fulfilled. Due to shuffling of Saturn in 6/7 houses while in retrogression and Jupiter also getting retrograde in above period, you may feel like things getting stuck at times but you will achieve your goals eventually.

Overall, it is a good year for career and success in life through hard work and efforts. Your opponents will be defeated and there will happiness at workplace as well at home. You will get desired betterment on time with minor hiccups. Your income and savings will be good in this year and you will be happy to see you growing professionally. There will be sudden and unexpected gains also. This is good year for expansions in business / property and purchasing vehicles especially around March / April / May end / October. 12 July to 19 July are inauspicious days in regards to wealth and avoid giving any loans in this period especially to a friend. Investments will give good returns but avoid daily trading. You may make extra expenses on comforts of self & family in first half of the year.


Overall, this is good year for health. The first half of the year is auspicious in regards to health. Your rasi lord Mercury is going to transit 8th inauspicious house from 3 February to 22 February which may give minor health problems. On 27 May 2017, Mars is going to enter your Mithuna rashi and will transit over your Moon. Here retrograde Saturn was already aspecting your Moon hence it can initiate some health problems. Your rasi lord Mercury also moves to 12th inauspicious house on 4th June which may aggravate the problems for short time but you will get the relief from 21 June 2017 onward.


This year demands extra efforts especially in first half of the year for better results in exams and clearing competitive exams. Your Success will come only through your own dedication hence do not over rely on luck. Second half is better for students for their regular studies.


First half of the year demands your attention towards family and try to enjoy your best moments with family. From February to June, Venus will transit in your 10 / 11 houses indicating auspiciousness and success in love relationship. You may get attracted towards some female in your professional area. You will find new friends from some distant places or abroad. October mid to October end is indicating close intimacy followed by quarrels. Mid November to November end is very auspicious for success in making new friends and relationship. Marital life will be overall good throughout the year excepting February to mid March and last couple of months of the year. There will be auspicious ceremonies at home.

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