Does Lal Kitab Remedy work?




I frequently face this question from our valued customers. Does remedy work? If remedies work than what is the role of the destiny. I face strong comments and at times criticism also from my own Vedic Astrologer friends about Lal Kitab Remedies. 

This is what I always quote

"Cause of our sufferings is lack of knowledge" AND 

"Before we reject any thing present in this nature, we should test it ourselves and If we can not test it ourselves, we should respect it and avoid criticism"

I believe that our rituals and Vedic Astrology remedies work for sure and like wise Lal Kitab Remedies also work amazingly. Before I answer the question of application and use of Lal Kitab, I have many counter questions to ask my friends who believe that only Vedic Astrology remedies and Vedic rituals work. We perform so many rituals and activities for we are not aware about the reasons. It is only Lal Kitab which unfolds the secret of everything. Let us try to find our correct answers of following questions and if you could not find, you can read Lal Kitab to know all the answers

1) We perform all rituals right from the conception of child,  to birth of the child, (Shodash Samskar) to marriage and even last ritual is also performed very carefully. Why? We do it because we are being told by our elders; but we are not aware about the reasons. Lal Kitab unfolds

2)During marriage, Chuda is being offered to the girl just before marriage by maternal uncle only. We do this ritual but we do not know why? 

3) Double bed is given in the dowry as compulsory item by parents or by maternal uncle only. We do not know why?

4) We perform ear piercing of all female children and in some cases for male child also. We do it but we do not know why we do it. 

5) As a tradition, we do not allow our daughters to touch the feet of parents whereas for daughter in law, it is compulsory. We do not know why

6) We perform Kanya pujan during Navratra days and we do it as spiritual and religious activity. We do not know why. 

7) We offer Jala and milk abhishekam to Shivlinga but we do not why.

8) We establish a mud pot filled with water in every religious ceremony and auspicious ceremonies. We do it but we do not why. Lal Kitab tells you why we do all above

9) We always say that we should never gift items like hanky, pickles, sour eatables etc to our friends and relatives. Why

10) We avoid giving and taking loans on Wednesday and Tuesdays. Why

11) We go to temple and bow our head on temple floor. We do it for giving respect to our deity. Lal Kitab tells you the secret of doing it

12) We all fear about staying in south facing house but Lal Kitab tells you actually who can stay and who can not stay in south facing house giving precise reasons behind. 

13) We offer tilkam to deity by ring finger. We offer tilkam to enemies by little finger. Lal Kitab tells you the secret of doing it. 

14) We have been told by our elders that we should not keep deity idols / Shivlinga etc at home and we should worship using deity photos only. We are also told by elders that we should not touch deity idols at temple and even temple priest also do not allow to touch them. No one knows why.   

15) In earlier days, when people used to live in houses on own land (and not flats), we always make muddy and green area at house for benefit of the nature and greenery. Lal Kitab tells you the correct secret behind it. 

16) Females apply Sindhoor at the forehead after marriage. Lal Kitab tells you the secret of doing it

17) Females do complete fasting on Karvachaut. Lal Kitab tells the secret behind this fasting and worshiping of Moon

18) Traditionally, we wear gold and silver on body. Lal Kitab tells you the secret of it

19) We apply tilkam of red roli or saffron to deity and ourselves also. Lal Kitab tells you why

20) At times we suffer despite of doing noble deeds. Lal Kitab tells you why

21) As a daily deeds, we offer bread to Cows, birds and dogs. Why

22) Traditionally we donate on birthdays, eclipses and on special occasions. It is Lal Kitab which tells you how these donations secretly work for our benefit. Lal Kitab also unfolds the secret of correct donations
23) We all keep Ganga Jal at home for the sake of using it for auspicious and religious ceremonies. Lal Kitab shares the secret of keeping it at home

24) We are told in Vedic rituals that we should always sit on some Aasan while performing puja. Preferably it should be a blanket. We do not know the reason excepting some gravitational issues. Lal Kitab unfolds the secret of doing it.    

25) It is only Lal Kitab which guides special suggestions for safe delivery of mother and Lal Kitab also unfolds the secret of these suggestions.

26) Can any body in this universe other than almighty explain the secret of Lal Kitab Varshphala table. How this table was formed where no digits repeat in one 12 years table. This statement can surprise even Lal Kitab Astrologers as many of them do not know about such thing.

27) In Vedic rituals, we perform Chalisa. We sue mala of 108 beads. What is the importance of it only Lal Kitab unfolds the reason.

28) The importance of Kalapurusha Zodiac is known to all Vedic Astrologers. The secrets are revealed in Lal Kitab only. 

29) We are told about the special effects of combination of two planets in Vedic Astrology and they give adverse results for a particular aspect of life and the two planets may not be directly connected to it. For example, in Vedic Astrology we are taught that Sun and Saturn conjunction gives adverse results for marital aspects. None of the planet is karaka of marital happiness still they are known for their bad results. Lal Kitab tells you why

30) We are told by our elders that if a native looses hairs of the back head in early age, (where we keep braid) , it is indicator of getting richer and wealthy. We do not know the logic behind but Lal Kitab tells you the reason of it. 

31) We perform Kanya Dan during marriage and in general we do not ask for accepting donation of son in law. Lal Kitab tells you why Kanya Dan is performed and what is secret of doing it. 

32) We wear turban during auspicious ceremonies and religious activities. Lal Kitab tells you the reason behind it. 

33) It is only Lal Kitab knowledge which makes an Astrologer competent to give important suggestions without even knowing the horoscope. 

34) General Vastu principles gives us broader guidelines about Vastu rules but it is only Lal Kitab which guides for specific Vastu instructions related to individual horoscope.

35) We all wear moli or kalawa around the wrist for auspicious ceremonies and religious functions. Why 

36) Our elders tell us that we should serve birds by offering suitable cereals but they also tell us strictly not to make arrangement at roof top. Why

37) Vedic Astrology is of immense help for predicting an event. Lal Kitab also helps to predict. But it is only Lal Kitab which tells that native will perform so and so activity before that event which will trigger a particular event.

38) We do not throw left over articles of puja in dustbin. We generally put them in flowing river. Why

39) It is only Lal Kitab which tells us the that how karaka of a planet modifies due to placement of planet in different houses

40) It is only Lal Kitab which can guide us which relative will eventually prove to be beneficial or harmful and in which age

41) Different articles present in the nature are ruled by 9 planets. It is only Lal Kitab that tells us that how these articles can be used to increase or decrease the energy of a planet. It is not only gemstones or herbs related to that planet which may be used but we can use either of hundreds of articles related to that planet provided we know about it. 

42) We are told by elders not to eat non vegetarian food on specific week days. Lal Kitab tells you why

43) We have seen people suddenly getting richer and wealthier after doing a specific activity. for example, some people are benefited after keeping a pet dog. Some getting benefited after shifting to a new house and some getting just opposite results after such activities. Lal Kitab tells you about planets responsible for it.

44) Vedic Astrologer will always tell you that to avoid marriage up to 28 years when there is Kuja dosa in horoscope and also not under any benefic influence. It is Lal Kitab which tells you correct reason for it. 

It is well know fact that repetition of any activity strengthens some aspect of life. For example, regular recitation of any mantra leads to activation of that mantra. An aura is created around us by that mantra which gives us protection. Similarly, we become master of any activity when we repeatedly perform it. Every activity we perform is governed by a planet. For example, when we go to temple every day and do worship every day, it increases the power of Jupiter, the most benefic planet of this zodiac and hence we are blessed by good health. Similarly, if someone go to gym every day and performs daily exercise, it increases the power of Mars. Similarly, if we start feeding people every day, it will increase the power of a specific planet. In the same fashion, we can also decrease the energy of planet by an activity. If I start putting an article related to a malefic planet of my horoscope in flowing river every day, energy of that planet reduces hence gives some relief from malefic effects of that planet. We can only try to increase or decrease energy of a planet but we are not competent enough to destroy it. Hence by doing remedy, we get some relief only. For example, by taking pain killers, we get little relief from the pain for short duration. Also, remedy can only remove obstacles present in enjoying auspicious destiny of a horoscope. Remedy can not create new destiny for the native. We need to accept a fact that we are capable to increase or decrease the destiny part by maximum plus minus 10%. But this 10% increase or decrease many appear very low but makes remarkable difference. If I could increase my destiny say by 10% it becomes 110% and if decrease it by 10%, it becomes 90%. So there is range of 20% which is good enough to create remarkable difference. People who know the secret of destiny governance of almighty will agree with me that it is 90% part of our destiny which is fixed and we can only operate in the area of balance 10% through our karma. A very simple explanation for strong believer of 100% fix destiny is that if everything was 100% fixed, than nature would not create so many deities who are empowered and capable of changing destinies of this universe as well individual natives. We can understand nature and how deities operate, only through 12th house.    

We need to appreciate this nature more closely if we desire to understand secrets of Lal Kitab remedies. We need to know many more significations of planets not mentioned in Vedic Astrology books but mentioned in Lal Kitab. We should have open mind to allow any knowledge to enter in our mind. People with close mind end up learning nothing and eventually criticize as a frustrated  person. 

I use all the three branches of Astrology for giving predictions and remedies. I use aspect from planets and use Parashari rules. I use aspect of rashi and use Jaimini rules. And I use aspect of Bhavas and use Lal Kitab rules. All three are brilliant and all three must be used as knowledge is for the benefit of mankind. 

If you still have doubts in mind, please read Lal Kitab yourself to appreciate the secrets of this universe not mentioned any where in our Vedic texts. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer            

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