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Shri S N Arora was divine & pious soul; Guru, guide & elder brother of S Kuber RA. He contributed towards knowledge of Astrology, spiritualism & overall development of S Kuber RA. Whatever S Kuber RA is today is because of his elder brother Shri S N Arora

S Kuber RA is Vedic & Lal Kitab Astrologer & Lal Kitab Astro Vastu Consultant. He is professionally qualified astrologer from leading Vedic Astrology Institute of India and he is also recognized by world's top Astrology Institutes & authorities for his knowledge & academic learning through many prestigious awards & medals. 

He is giving consultation across the globe since past more than decade. He has given consultation to thousands of NRI's & people in India. He is the only person in India who teaches Lal Kitab Astrology as mostly people are teaching only Lal Kitab Remedies. He has done extensive research on Lal Kitab Vastu principles which applies directly on individual horoscope & connects horoscope with living place unlike ancient Vedic Vastu principles which are very general for a Vastu. 

He is among the few in this world who gives past predictions of the native right from his date of birth and even before birth predictions for the family. Just submitting birth details are sufficient and he gives all predictions for the native without any narration