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Moola Nakshatra Characteristics, four padas, Leo sign Simha Rashi as per Vedic Indian Astrology

Moola means the root or the base. As without root, no plant can grow, similarly there has to be some reason or root cause for any thing happening in this world. This is the bottom line of all researches. Thos Nakshatra is significator of roots or vegetables like carrot, reddish etc which grow up as root. As the roots are not visible, it indicates hidden or buried secrets of one’s life. Moola Nakshtra is represented by the Goddess of destruction, i.e. Goddess Maha-Kaali  As Maha-Kali cuts the head of the demons, this Nakshtra gets connected to death of a life or end of an event or end of any other thing.

Moola Nakshtra is considered auspicious for both spiritual as well as material success. But at the same, it makes the native little arrogant and irony in behavior. Also, due to dual sign, such natives may get confused some times which way to go. The struggle of opting spirituality or material world may worry them. They have very high levels of intellect and they believe in reaching to the root cause of every subject they are interested in. They try to achieve high levels irrespective of how much time it may take. They are among the people who have firm ideas and they believe in quickly implementing their thoughts into actions but with proper planning and intellect. Moola born people have very fair possibility of achieving high levels of spiritual progress but at the same time such knowledge may be utilized for personal gains especially if there is Venus Navmansha. Under affliction, such native may misuse their powers for personal benefits.

It is highly auspicious to worship Goddess Maha-Kali along with God Ganesha in beginning of all works as her blessings ensure success. This Nakshtra has the capacity to take the native to top material position and finally quit it.  It gives high spirits to the natives.

Body parts ruled by Moola : It rules our feet. 

Natives born under Moola Nakshtra have prominent nose and thick lips. It belongs to butcher caste and so further gets linked with cutting of anything. Dragon's Tail (Ketu) cuts our bindings with the material world. Dragon's Tail (Ketu) cuts the emotional threads between the two people because any emotional binding is the main obstruction in our way of salvation. For example, unless we cut the roots of the tree, it may grow again; similarly people keep taking re-births because of emotional knots.

Moola is the neutral Nakshtra. It’s Tamsik and demonic in nature.  As it relates to cutting; knives, blades scissors, swords etc. come under this Nakshtra but natives of Moola Nakshatra do not harm others in achieving their goals and their work benefit the society. But, if people try to play politics or under-cut them, it will be very difficult to escape from their anger.


Moola Nakshatra I Pada

It influence the native towards material world.  Natives born in this quarter are arrogant and egoistic and they are more concerned about material growth, self respect in society etc. Natives born in this pada may be recognized by their fair complexion, shining teeth, piercing eye, aggressive talking, big and beautiful nose. They generally have small testicles.  Moola Nakshatra I pada name first letter is "yay"

Moola Nakshatra II pada 

This quarter makes the native good astrologer. It makes the native soft and hard working. They are very particular about their material growth. They have above average height, broad chest, heavy legs especially above knee and slightly longer chin. Moola Nakshatra II pada name first letter is "yo"   

Moola Nakshatra III pada 

This quarter makes the native highly intellectual in material plane. Such natives are much balanced in nature and can devote equal time to spiritual activities as well worldly activities. But this part of Moola Nakshtra does not promotes material prosperity. They spend lot of time in reading classical texts and are highly educated. They are highly skilled, mature, humorous and never compromise their ideals in life. Moola Nakshatra III pada name first letter is "Bhaa"     

 Moola Nakshatra IV pada 

It makes the native emotional henceforth creating further difficulties in taking firm decisions. Such natives find it difficult to direct their goals and they are the most imbalanced people of this Nakshtra.They are intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled, joyful and have above average height. They will have  reddish-white complexion and beautiful hairs.  Moola Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is "Bhee"     

Moola Nakshatra Professions : This Nakshtra is good for any research work or any activity involving any unfolding secretes related to this world or spiritual world or for that matter unfolding any mystery. This Nakshtra is good for beginning study of Astrology. This Nakshtra should be avoided in general in all activities involving material decision. Moola born people are good detectives, explorer, preachers, doctors (roots in Ayurveda are used in making medicines), speakers, leaders, Magistrates, Judge, administrators, Astrologers or any other profession requiring high intellect levels + research.

Body parts ruled by Moola Nakshatra: feet

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert


venkatesh said...

very very excellent

Anonymous said...

at least you came to realise that without root no plant can grow , least survive

i cannot belive how other astrologers are so careless in realising this main point and tell this nakshatra is in auspicious

this is very auspicious nakshatra and symbolises destruction of evil and victory of good over evil

please understand

this is to all who think the other way round


Anonymous said...

Excellent .... very very nicely explained....thank you..
Most of astrologers forgets to tell the good thing about this nakshatra because then they cannot mint out of it....though this nakshatra has it own effects...I would still request people to do their own research before listing to anybody and get worried about the same....there is solution to everything....

Anonymous said...

Seriously this article should be publicised everywhere. .other all just enhances people's worries. No Nakshatra is bad. It is just that all are divided into Heavenly, Human & Demonic groups. People stop talking bad about Moola Nakshatra.

Anonymous said...

Moola nakshatra is highly misunderstood nakshatra by most of the astrologers.As this nakshatra signifies root,thus basic research should be adviced to interpret or comment on this nakshatra.The article published as above throws some light on this nakshatra but need more research and thorouh learning to understand about this nakshatra because once you understand the root or basic of any subject ,one will master the advance level.To let you understand the complexities of this nakshatra there are billionaire like Mr. Mukesh Ambani to Saints like Kabirdas,Tulsidas,Tailanga Swami etc.are/were born in this nakshatra.

Anonymous said...

Always heard people talking the negative impact.Happy to know the positive side,thanx a lot

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