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Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics and four padas, Aries sign Mesha Rashi as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by Venus. It is represented by three stars in triangular form resembling female sex organ. As the name suggest it means the one who bears. It has the power of generating or creating a new life like a mother. If we look into the astronomy part of this universe, these are not stars which have the maximum light but these are the black holes which do not let even light to come out of them. This universe appears as retrograde to all common people of this world due to Maya of the almighty Goddess. This is the feminine part of the almighty who generates this whole universe at her wish and finally destroys it. Our Vedas relate creation and destruction to the female sex organs only. The saints could live for thousands of years as they could protect their physical energy (represented by Venus) by not indulging into sex. They utilized the same energy to activate their Kundalni shakti. The ruling deity of this Nakshatra is Yama who is the again the lord of death in this universe.

As Bharani rules over two corners of life i.e. beginning and death of a life, it directly relates to two extreme corners of life. All of us gets enlightened with the new birth but fear death. People born in this Nakshatra would have similar characteristics of living in extreme thoughts. They could sometime behave like a new born child and may be totally insensitive to external environment and on some other day, they could be so fearful or anxious about some matter of life. As Bharani Nakshatra falls in Aries sign, people born in this Nakshatra would need high levels of efforts to center their thoughts and actions. Bharani natives have unique quality of analyzing all extreme possibility of an action. It is very difficult to argue with these natives on any subject due to this unique capability. As they grow older they learn to balance instead of living in extremes. They are highly secretive in nature. Although, Mars, ruler of Aries has no connection with Occult or Astrology, but due to involvement of Venus, Bharani natives can become good astrologers.


First pada of Bharani Nakshatra 

This part of Nakshatra is connected to womb. They will generally have good  education, administration and creativity and may be connected to astrology. People born in this pada have driving & aggressive nature. They are also suitable for judge, magistrates, spiritual teachers, nursery teachers etc. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by elephant-like head and rough body hairs. Bharani Nakshatra I Pada name first letter is "Lee"

Second pada of Bharani Nakshatra 

It makes a professionally successful native. They may have friends more of opposite sex and love marriage is very much possible in this pada. They become good dancers, dance teachers, sportsman, teachers etc.They have slim body, watery eyes, hanging belly and shoulders. They are very talkative in nature.Bharani Nakshatra II Pada name first letter is "Lu"

Third pada of Bharani Nakshatra

It gives too much attraction towards opposite sex & excessive sexual activities.  They are interested in having their own enterprise and they may not work under others. They can become good dance teachers, sex advisers, actors, models, caterer etc. They are generally tall with good built and highly passionate for opposite sex. Bharani Nakshatra III Pada name first letter is "Lay"

Fourth pada of Bharani Nakshatra 

These natives have explosive energy levels. If this energy is properly directed, they become good explorer or researchers or gynecologists, photographers, pathologists, call girls, detectives etc. They have brown body hairs and monkey like face. They are generally very talkative, cruel and liars. Bharani Nakshatra IV Pada name first letter is "Lo"

It is a Manusha or Human Nakshatra. It has downward aspect.

Bharani Nakshatra is auspicious for activities involving sex, beginning, endings, research, children, cremation, aggression etc according to its pada. As this Nakshatra sums up both beginning and ending; this Nakshatra may be avoided in any activity which may require further additions. For example, it should be avoided in launch of new enterprise etc.  
Body parts ruled by Bharani Nakshatra: Head

Nakshatra Bharani School and College Education and Studies

They are good in studies but their attention in studies generally get distracted by friends of opposite sex. They need to focus themselves and avoid making friends of opposite sex. They do well in subjects related to medical, MBA and law.

Nakshatra Bharni Love and Romance
They are highly passionate about opposite sex and it will not be a surprise to see them surrounded by friends of opposite sex. You will easily make friends and quickly find your love partners. You personality is very attractive and you will get many proposals from opposite sex.

Nakshatra Bharani Marriage, marital life and children

They are highly passionate about opposite sex and are blessed with good beautiful wife or handsome husband. Your spouse will not have complaints regarding luxuries of life and you and your family will live comfortable life. The marriage may take place by 26 years of age and you will blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Nakshatra Bharani Health

You are prone to weakness in body, back ache, dental problems, dehydration, menstrual problems, headache, chest problems and anemia

Nakshatra Bharani Lucky Colors, stones, years, God and Goddess

Lucky Colors: pink, cream, white, yellow, sky blue
Lucky stones: Red coral, Ruby, Yellow sapphire
Lucky years: 16, 24, 25, 26, 28
Lucky God: Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha
Lucky Goddess: Maha-Lakshmi

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