Twelve signs rashis of zodiac kalapurusha all details




Aries Mesha:               Head
Taurus Vrishabha:       Face
Gemini Mithuna:         Neck / shoulders
Cancer Karka:            Chest and Heart
Leo Simha:                  Heart and Stomach
Virgo Kanya:              Back and naval region 
Libra Tula:                  Region between naval and secret organs
Scorpio Vrischika:      Secret organs
Sagittarius Dhanu:     Thighs
Capricorn Makara:    Knees
Aquarius Kumbha:     Region below knees and above feet 
Pisces Meena:           Feet


Aries Mesha:                 Blood red color
Taurus Vrishabha:         Simply white
Gemini Mithuna:           Parrot like Green
Cancer Karka:              Exactly like pinkish-skin color
Leo Simha:                    Exactly like color of skin but yellowish grey or dark cream
Virgo Kanya:                Multicolor
Libra Tula:                   Blue or black color
Scorpio Vrischika:       Grey color
Sagittarius Dhanu:      Exactly Golden color
Capricorn Makara:     Multi color with spots
Aquarius Kumbha:      Exact color like camel or brownish
Pisces Meena:            Butter yellow


Movable signs: 1,4,7,10 ( i.e. all signs which fall in quadrants of zodiac horoscope (Aries)
Fixed signs:         2,5,8,11 (signs next to quadrant signs)
Dual signs:           3,6,9,12 ( signs before quadrant signs)

As the name suggest, movable indicates moveable aspect of the sign. for example, if planet ruling our profession house, i.e. 10th house, is posited in any moveable sign will indicate that a person may be in profession which requires either travelling or a job where person doesnot work while sitting on a chair. Similarly fixed sign will indicate a job of office manger who works 9-5 sitting on a chair. Dual signs indicate mixed nature of other two signs.

Metal signs Dhatu rashis: Root signs Moola rashis and Life signs Jeeva rashis 

M  R   L
1    2    3
4    5    6
7    8    9
10 11 12

Metal indicates precious metals / wealth etc. 
Root indicates vegetables, cereals, agricultural products etc.
Life means humans, animals etc.


Quadruped signs Chatushpad rashis (four legs like animals) : 1,2,5, second half of Sagittarius  Dhanu and first half of Capricorn Makara. These are strong in 10th house. In modern context, it indicates four wheel vehicles car etc.

Two legs (like humans): 3,6,7, first half of Sagittarius Dhanu and Aquarius Kumbha*. These are strong in 1st house i.e in ascendant. 
*some texts refer Aquarius Kumbha as watery sign.

Watery Signs (like fish who has no legs) : 4,12 and second half of Capricorn Makara. These are strong in 4th house 

Insect sign keet rashi ( having multiple legs like insects) : 8.   It is strong in 7th house.


Rajo guna    Tamo guna  Sato guna
1                      4
2                      6                  5
7                    10                  9
11                                       12

Satoguna is indicative of highly generous, very kind, highly intellectual, learned, sacrificing nature. It blesses and helps all mankind without expectation of any returns. Truly God like.

Rajoguna is indicative of doing deeds or karma for fulfilling desires of self or others. There is clear expectation of returns but still positive attitude reflects. Good material signs.

Tamoguna is indicative of selfish interests. It extends to hurting others for fulfillment of self desires. High anger, laziness, greed, overeating, excess indulgence in sex, addictions etc belong to this category.

God has three Gunas or qualities; Sat-Raj-Tam and all the three Gunas are present in all individuals who exist with Panch Tatwa Shareera (body made of five elements) or Divya Shareera (divine body which does not require five elements of this universe) but in different proportion. If the entire three all equally balanced it will represent the almighty God himself in his Nirakaar Rupa or without any bodily form. For example Sun.


Pitta  Vata Tridosha Kapha
1         2              3           4
5         6              7           8
9        10            11          12

Pitta is firy. Vata is airy. Kapha is watery and Tri-dosha is mixture of all three.

Kshatriya Varana             Vaishya Varana         Shudra Varana         Brahmin Varana
1                                               2                                     3                             4
5                                               6                                     7                             8
9                                               10                                  11                           12

Varana means the class or group of society.

Shatriya is fighter class/king/protectors
Vaishya is business class
Shudra is lower class like servants etc.
Brahmin class is the upper class belonging to intellectual and learned people from religious society, spiritual leaders, priest of the church, preachers etc.


Uchha-swara          Manda or niswara             Ardha-swara
1                                         4                                      6
2                                         8                                      7
3                                       12                                    10
5                                         9                                    11

Uchha means Hign pitch i.e. loud and swara means sound. Manda means low and niswara means no sound at all hence it may indicate a dumb native or native with speech problems (if under affliction). Ardha means half and indicates medium sound.


Short height                   Medium height                  Long height
1                                                  3                                     5
2                                                  4                                     6
11                                               9                                      7
12                                              10                                     8


Signs Rashis strong in night :        1,2,3,4,9,10      (ruled by Moon)

Signs Rashis strong in day-time:    5,6,7,8,11,12   (ruled by Sun)


Prishtodaya signs rashis                Sheershodaya signs rashis      Ubhyodaya signs rashis
1,2,4,8,10                                         3,5,6,7,8,11                           12                                            
Prishtodaya means rear side; Prishtodaya signs rashis rise from rear side and sheersh means head; Sheershodaya signs rashis rise from head. Pisces Meena is similar at both ends and is called as Ubhyodaya sign rashi. Sheershodaya signs rashis are consider as benefic and they give early results.


East           South              West               North
1                    2                     3                     4
5                   6                      7                    8
9                 10                      11                12

In northern style horoscope, write all the signs in quadrants or Kendras moving anti clock wise to appreciate the directions of sign. The directions are same as of horoscope.

Rashis are strong when they are occupied by their lords or aspected by their lords or occupied or aspected by natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.

Rashis or Signs can also be considered strong if they are occupied by the planets who consider them as friendly.


MESHA (ARIES): Ram, ruled by Mars, Tuesday, east direction, Mool-Trikona sign of Mars, exaltation sign of Sun, debilitation sign of Saturn, ascendant or first house of KaalPurusha, Trine as well as quadrant, dharma, central government, Head, pasture or grazing field, Blood-red, fiery, malefic, male, quadruped, Shatriay, rajsik, coral, iron component of RBC, copper, beginning as its first sign, positive energy, purity of heart, vital, leader, innovative, dictator, authority, free-mind, dominating, dynamic, fearless, courteous, self-centered, highly ambitious, impulsive, strong will power, ego, poor discretion, quick decisions, Ram like long neck, round eyes, square or triangular face, residence in jungle, hills, stones, open battle field, thorn plants, minerals, short or medium height, broad chest, slim, muscular body, wiry hairs, broad temples, defense personnel, cops, doctors, surgeons, butchers, pharmacist, hair dressers, watch makers, fond of sports, innocence, purity, mechanics, engineers, wrestlers, body builders, boxers, smiths, tailors, cooks, hotel industry, carpenters, metallurgists, property and real estate dealers, head injuries, cuts and burns, teeth, inflammation, pain, hemorrhage, agriculture, medical science, industries, printing, under ground place where gem stones are found, ploughed lands, cotton, wheat, wool, beans, leather

Vrishabha (Taurus): bull, especially the hump portion of bull, agricultural land especially watery agricultural land, parks, dairy farms, residential land near a jungle, grains, face especially forehead, white, juicy fruits, female, benefic, forgiveness, village, business class people, diplomatic, physically fit and strong, sexually active, strong thighs, unmindful of others, selfish, self centered, full of desires, materialistic, south, contented, normally passive but becomes hyper-active if motivated, exaltation sign of moon, good actors, advertisers, painters, singers, fashion designers, not reliable, cheats, politicians, clothes, flowers, nursing, E.N.T. doctors, veterinary doctors, appearance on T.V. / cinema, film producers, human psychology, throat diseases like goiter, cervical pain, cosmetics, mirror, vocabulary, speech therapy, audiometery, basic education

Mithuna (Gemini): couple, dual, Kaama, dancers, singers, artists, bed room, creative activity, restlessness, unstable, conflicts in ideology, death due to suicide, teacher of spirituality, great thirst for enlightenment, highly thoughtful, less actions, information, hands and shoulders, spiritual healings, astrological remedies, materialistic as well spiritual, trader, gambler, call girls, red light areas, place of sexual activities, seasonal vegetables, indoor games, X rated films, parrot green, curly hairs, learned, good orators, expression power, expert in household activities, black lips, versatile, diplomacy, actor, village, teachers, book publishers, editors, predictive astrologers, mathematics, traveling agents, IT, transport, clerks, commerce, accountant, writing work, book writing, journalists, emails, school stationary, middle men, diseases related to lower part of neck, swelling of throat, asthma patients, throat infections, west

Karka (Cancer) : crab, moksha, Gyana, water, emotions, mental peace, public, friends, breast, lakes, rivers, ponds, banks of river, females, place of deities, white or pink, well, water fall, fast movements, sacrifice, selfishness, north, imaginations, romance, sensitive, moody, round body, liquids, explorer, researcher, pearl, kind and generous businessman, ministers, marine related, shipping, north, people other than relatives

Simha (Leo): Lion, Jungles full of trees, Himalaya, caves, mountains, rocky areas, red, stomach/belly, brave, king, fire, burning desires, east, aspiring, ambitious, action oriented, frankness, high-mindedness, self-reliance, creativeness, honor, respect, sweet talk, Krura, aggression, donations, vitality, strong, shoulders, cheerful, majestic, fearless, Speculation, interests, attraction for opposite sex, affairs, gold, head of a company, advisor, ambassador, place of administration, brown, heart, Ayurveda, medical science, state govt., stock exchanges, hot places

Kanya (Virgo): a female traveling in a boat with burning lamp in one hand and holding planets & creepers in the other, dual, straight nose, active, smooth voice, tall, slender, curved heavy eyebrows, teen, intellect, commercial locality, places where fruits and vegetables are stored learning places, plane ground, entertainment place of females, logical, multicolor, land full of plants and trees, self benefit, young lady and her bedroom, resentfulness, self-indulgence, versatile, industrious, frank, doctors, teacher, auditor, caterer, confectioner, worms workshop, towns, naval area, sufferings, dissatisfaction, eternal truth, divine spark, hungry for power, materialistic, beginning of high spiritual originality, future planning, poetry, trendsetter, discrimination, waist, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix, accountants, artists, teachers, mathematics, engineers, traders, writers, highly paid service class people, south, precision, , neurology, non mechanical engineering, travel and tours, parks, , dark store rooms in general, book-shelves, yearly planner, primary aid-boxes, library, lobhiya beans, green moong dal, wheat

Tula (Libra): a man holding Libra balance in his hand and standing in a bazaar, balance and imbalance, west, control, tall, elegant , proportional body, slim, parrot like nose, strong limbs, fair complexion, soft, attractive, opposition, sex, partnership, justice, turmoil, marketing, sale, selling, market places, white, lower abdominal area, kidneys, business places, variegated, treasury, responsible, fair in discussion, does not accept false logics, luxuries, Bhoga, material world, optimistic, unstable, changeable, , artist, actors, dancers, composers, chemists, painters, musicians, architects, kidney problems, urine, uterus, appendicitis, hernia, Ayurveda, homeopathy, fine arts, surgeon, textile, cloths, wheat and black grain

Vrischika (Scorpio): Scorpio or other venomous reptiles, holes, underground or hidden places, secretive places, secret organs, war field, tolerance power, serious obstacles, breaks, chronic diseases, downfall, un-earned wealth, wild places, black and red, stone pieces, frustrations, sufferings, death like situations, beginning of spirituality, stand still water, mooladhara, occult, evil eye, accusations, pit, total darkness, zero light zone, infra red zone, un identified fears, unknown fears, suspicions of mind, cave, radical transformation, lottery, sudden, highly malefic, female, watery, North, highly violent, shrewd, creative, researcher, serious conflicts, , sudden developments, psychic power, illusions of mind, evil eye, dusky, proportional body organs, sexual diseases, piles, menstrual disorders long hands, severe destruction, turmoil, unexpected events of life, commanding, willing to risk lives, doctors especially dealing chronic diseases, surgeons, cops, technology, chemistry, cold drinks, machinery, addictions, bad habits, detective agents, , engineers, Law, any thing highly secretive, occult, death date, murder, cremation grounds, grains, woolen, sugarcane, underground wealth and metals, oil, fermentation

Dhanu (Sagittarius): it represents like a horse body with head of a human; holding archer with a bow, firy, forest places, thighs, fort, destiny, dharma, male, east, initiative, versatile, adoptable, learned, higher education, spiritual advancements, career, desires, knowledge, continuous learning, outspoken, social, extrovert, balanced, very positive, sometimes impulsive, optimistic, large body, bright eyes, charming face, fair, law, court, judge, senior politician, banks, finance companies, information and broadcasting department, hips, telecommunication, electronics, chartered accountants, pharmacy, top unused weapons, religious places, top floors of flats, horse

Makara (Capricorn): deer’s face, crocodile, river banks, taking bath in rivers, female, south, exaltation sign of Mars, debilitation of Devaguru, profession, karma, compromise on traditional values, modernization, future aspects, envious, overemotional, dissatisfied, long nose, narrow chin, lean body, steel, employment in top big or govt. companies, environmental science, bureaucrat, politicians in power, sports material, electricity, building contractors, knee-joint pain, Computer science, economics, anesthesia, business administration, bushes, lead, wet grains, sugarcane

Kumbha (Aquarius): kumbha, a person holding a kumbha with pickle in it, pot shaped, west, fulfillment of desires, karma fhala, gains, dried out places, places where wine is manufactures, mutton market, gambling, buttocks, male, creative, determined clever, faithful, obstinate, dependable, genuine, visual, opposition, tall, defective teeth, wireless & telecommunication oval face, industrialists, mechanical / civil engineers, designers, share brokers, malls, hotels, , mathematics, regions below ankles, mines, ores, water fruits, never ending desires, high end demands, obsession for sex

Meena (Pisces): two fishes close together but facing at opposite ends, duality, deciding for either way, end of all conflicts and confusions, rebirth or moksha, bank of holy rivers, sea, north, origin of Ganga, feet, pilgrimages, Brahma Gyana, bed room, Bhoga, holy places like haridwar, gangotri, female, watery, Venus exalts and Mercury debilitates, social, sappy, understanding, insight, sixth sense, sleep, imagination, adaptability, short, fatty, projected eyes, decorator, exploration, very high end research, financer, detain, architects, singers, water works, astrologers, diseases of feet & toe, addictions, good habits, M.D.

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