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There are six parts of our great Vedas. Jyotish Shastra or Vedic Astrology is the sixth part and eyes of Vedas. It has three main divisions so it is also referred as Skandatrya. Skanda meaning chapter and Trya means three. They are Ganit (Mathematics), Hora (Jataka or predictive) and Sahinta (Mundane). By addition of two more Sahinta, Preshna (Horary or query related) and Shakuna (Omens) it becomes Panch-Skanda.

Although our focus will always remain on predictive astrology but we can not afford to skip any subject without touching. It is very important to understand basics of Astronomy, mathematical calculation of Ascendant and Vargas and other related areas which are of great indirect help in predictive astrology.


Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Saturn, Rahu (Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)


The number 1 sign as you know is Aries and is Eastern side of the horoscope. This is north Indian style chart and number 1 box represent the Ascendant.

Sun is the Lord of Leo (5)
Moon is the lord of Cancer (4)
Mars is the lord of Aries (1) and Scorpio (8)
Mercury is the lord of Gemini (3) and Virgo (6)
Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius (9) & Pisces (12)
Venus is the lord of Taurus (2) & Libra (7)
Saturn is the lord of Capricorn (10) & Aquarius (11)
Rahu and Ketu have no physical existence and have no sign lordships. Rahu & Ketu are Chaaya Greha or Shadowy planets.

Speed of Planets

Name of the Planet Average time a planet Total time a planet takes to
takes to change star sign complete one cycle of 360°
from Aries to Pisces

Sun 30 days 365 days
Moon 2.1/4 days 27 days
Mars 45 days 18 months
Mercury 28 days
Jupiter 12 months 12 years
Venus 29 days 348 days
Saturn 2.1/2 years 30 years
Rahu ( Dragon Head) 1.1/2 years 18 years
Ketu (Dragon Tail) 1.1/2 years 18 years

Maha Rishi Parashar has mentioned about Rahu / Ketu behavior in different signs in their Dasha periods only.

Exaltation (Uchha) and Debilitation (Neecha) of Planets

Planet   Exaltation sign        Debilitation sign          Deepest exaltation / debilitation degrees
Sun               Aries                       Libra                        10 degrees
Moon           Taurus                    Scorpio                       3 degrees
Mars            Capricorn               Cancer                     28 degrees
Mercury      Virgo                       Pisces                      15 degrees
Jupiter         Cancer                    Capricorn                  5 degrees
Venus           Pisces                     Virgo                       27 degrees
Saturn           Libra                      Aries                       20 degrees

Maharishis have not assigned any exaltation or debilitation signs to Rahu (Dragon's head) and Ketu (Dragon's tail). But learned people take Taurus and Gemini as exaltation signs of Rahu and Scorpio and Sagittarius signs as exaltation for Ketu. Debilitation is in opposite signs. 

When ever there is difference of opinions, we give first preference to the verdict of Maha Rishi Parashar. Maha Rishi Parashar describes their different states only while delineating Dasha results. We accept the same verdict.

Planet         Mool-Trikona sign          Mool-Trikona degrees                Own sign degrees

Sun                     Leo                                0 ˚ to 20 ˚                                      20 ˚ to 30 ˚
Moon                 Taurus                           3 ˚ to 30 ˚                                             n/a
Mars                  Aries                              0 ˚ to 12 ˚                                      12 ˚ to 30 ˚
Mercury            Virgo                             15 ˚ to 30 ˚
Jupiter               Sagittarius                      0 ˚ to 10 degrees                          10 ˚ to 30 ˚
Venus                Libra                               0 ˚ to 15 ˚                                      15 ˚ to 30 ˚
Saturn               Aquarius                         0 ˚ to 20 ˚                                       20 ˚ to 30 ˚

What do we understand by exaltation or debilitation or Mool-Trikona sign?

In general or literal meaning, an exalted planet or a planet in its Mool-Trikona sign or own sign is considered strong and auspicious and it gives good results especially of its significations.

A debilitated planet on the other hand is considered weak and in-auspicious and can not give good results especially of owned significations.

Inter Relationship of Planets

All the nine planets and this whole universe exist within us in micro form. We experience everything related to the nine planets on daily basis and we just need to connect our lives to the planets.

As such there is no friendship or enmity among planets and they represent different colors or characters of the universe. Our body is also made of Panch Mahabuthas (Agni, Prithvi, Vayu Jala, and Akaash) which are of opposite nature; still they exist as one physical form. Similarly characters of all planets are within our self but one or the other forms are predominant making different personalities.

We can proceed further on this subject matter as by now we have thoroughly understood the significations of nine planets.

How to find out inter planetary relationships?

Ans.: Draw a horoscope with Mool-Trikona sign of the planet as ascendant. From the ascendant,

2nd and 12th, 5th & 9th and 4th & 8th signs; and exaltation sign are considered as friendly signs by the planet in question.

Let’s take an example: Aries is the Mool-Trikona sign of Mars.

2/12 5/9 4/8 signs are friendly signs.

10 i.e. Capricorn is exaltation sign of Mars so it becomes friendly sign.

Inimical signs: 3/6/7/11

Interplanetary relationship:

As both signs of Mercury (3 & 6) are inimical, Mars consider Mercury as enemy. Venus is lord of Taurus (2) and Libra (7). Taurus is friendly sign but Libra is inimical so Mars considers Venus as neutral. Similarly, Mars considers Saturn as neutral. Mars considers Sun, Moon and Jupiter as friends. Please note that this relationship is perceived relationship of Mars only. Other planets may have different opinion or relationship about Mars which need to be understood by making similar charts of all planets.

The relationship as explained is called as Natural relationship of planets and is shown in the following table:

Planets       Friends                                           Enemies                                          Neutral

Sun             Moon, Mars, Jupiter                    Venus, Saturn                                 Mercury
Moon         Sun, Mercury                                   none                             Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars          Sun, Moon, Jupiter                         Mercury                                    Venus, Saturn
Mercury    Sun,Venus                                        Moon                                   Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Jupiter       Sun, Moon, Mars                        Mercury, Venus                                 Saturn
Venus        Mercury, Saturn                              Moon, Sun                                  Mars, Jupiter
Saturn        Mercury, Venus                        Sun, Moon, Mars                                Jupiter

As we can see in above table that Sun considers Mercury as neutral but Mercury considers Sun as a friendly planet. Similarly, Mars considers Saturn as neutral by Saturn considers Mars as enemy planet.

We can also divide the nine planets in different groups:-

Group 1: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu
Group 2: Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu

Moon is considered as neutral planet. Moon is like plain water and it can take any color under different conditions.

We will discuss the reasons for above relationship in detail in live class.

Twelve Signs of Zodiac and their significations

Signs ruled by Sun (strong in day time): starting from Leo: 5,6,7,8, 11,12
Signs ruled by Moon (strong in night): starting from cancer in reverse order: 4,3,2,1, 9,10


SUN: fire, chetanya, strong will power, ruler, authority, father, son, power, positive energy, good health, copper, less hairs, Krura, central government, atma, king, fort, good temples especially Shivalya, Himalayas, Main or capital city of a country, worship places, courts, Judge, Leading Countries of world, electrical current, head, bones, heart, eyes especially right eye, brain, stomach, high grade fever, neck region, patience, enthusiasm, square, excitement, purity of mind and heart, short height, Minister, exhibited, red color, wood, benefic results, giver, status, responsibility, lord of eastern direction, strong in south direction (drigbali), Satvik nature, discipline, lover of justice, Lagna, self, no diseases, mantra Shakti, Luminary, fuel, ultimate weapons, creator, blessing of king, Science, vision, Ruby (Manikya), right breath, Gresham ritu, Ayana, one, shatriay, male, less progeny, less sexual interests, stability, rules knowledge which is transferred from one soul to another without undergoing practical education process under a Guru or through books, punishment, sentence

MOON: mind, food, emotions, feelings, happiness, art, travels, distant travels, a person coming from far off places, sorrow, vibrations, impulses, milk, breast, lungs, breath, baby, infant, rivers, depression, T.B., chest diseases, Heart, child, mother, old, curly hairs, instant attraction, skills, beauty, famous, Goddess Durga Temple, cloth, textiles, sweat products, agriculture, kafh, Vaishya, female, smile, sleep, travel, blames, fame, well, flowing river, ponds, Ganga, silver, cough and cold, neutral, pearl, Muhurata, Motherland, birthplace, goddess, face, honey, Lagna, shard ritu, paksha, intelligent, Chatra, benefic results, material growth, society, can not live alone, lover of night parties, likes western direction, strong in north-west, water, blood flow, sukhsma sharer, doubts, fears, crying, laughing, fast results, afraid of obstacles and death, public, masses, medication, cold, left eye, left breath, menstrual cycle, mother like ladies, mother-in-law, cheatings

MARS: Man, power, commander, bridge of nose, rocks, mountains, mines, metals, triangle, pillars, foundation stone, strength, parakram, loans, thief, police, Agni or fire, kaamagni, loss of semen, enemies, slap, immediate actions, expects immediate results, no patience, war, kindness, red, affection, foolishness, anger, fighting, bomb blasts, quakes, ego, foreign travels, step mother or any person who looks after like mother, ambitious, goals, targets, short height, professional status, power, chief minister, Lord Ganesha , Kaartik and Hanuman, young age, loss of body organ, surgery, accidents, eating flesh, victory over enemy, magistrate, heat, attacking others, aggression, hurting, weapons, sword, knife, kitchen, administrator, gold, shatryia, red, strong in mid day and mid night, seriousness, cruel, crazy about sex, high pitch sound, freedom, adamant, thoughtless actions, over confidence, patriotic, terrorist, head of defense (air force), abortions, younger brother, bone marrow, red blood cells, menstrual cycle, pitta, wounds, stones, power of expression, logical representation of lawyers, union leader, senior boss of company, south direction, non-orthodox, innovative, creative, new trends, modern life, change of technology, killings, property, bull, technical knowledge, machinery, bottom abdominal portion of a female resembling reverse triangle

MERCURY: Intellect, skin, education, younger sister, mathematics, speech, pawn of a chess, forehead, both sexes, maternal uncle, soft, dislikes direct fights, service class, written work, communication, green, girl or boy friend, soft spoken, astrology, Shri Hari Vishnu, birds, parrot, Taantrik, north-west direction, gem stones, doctor, teen age, eunuch by choice, bad dreams, un-predictable, prince, student, slim, business minded, selfish, shrewd, office politics, commerce, school, playground, park, green areas, source of information, journalist, diplomatic, self goal oriented, feels happy after his enemies die, does not forgive, aasteen ka saap, emerald, clerk, accountant, book writer, maternal uncle, tongue, memory, retention power, dumb, skin diseases, taaveez, yantra, mis-use spiritual powers of mantra Shastra, wisdom less, paper, lands

JUPITER: Wisdom, fatty, heavy body, blessings, growth, increase, rise, respect, powerful, heavy, nose, elders, elder brother, paternal side elders, safeguards, protection, help, donation, one sided love, sacrifices, high character, very high ideals, liver, gold, Brahman, child birth, son, yellow, pukraj, banks, insurance companies, highly literate man, preacher, teacher, pen, truthfulness, Vedas, adviser, head of the temple, Maha Rishi, stomach, Akaash, listening, kindness, law, male, very popular in ladies, Vivek, bhakta, bhagwan, grand son, Ishta Deva, destiny, life, physical body, rebirth, mantra, touching feet, high seat, satisfaction, obligations, any body who is kind to you, controller of birth chain, husband for a female as the most important male or elder, sacrifices, responsible, giver and giver, curtain, hidden, maryada, Sidh Purusha, Happiness, peace of mind, happy family, big house, controller of finance, horse, Tapasya, strong in eastern direction, yagya, remedies, elephants, very high quality vehicles, faith in God, Vaastu Shastra, Brham-Gyana, natural respect, name and fame, popularity, religious, Niyam Palan, well developed breast, hindu religion

VENUS: cheeks, wealth, sex, wife, beautiful, flowers, luxuries, cars, air-conditioned premium products and services, ambassador, political adviser, minister, highly diplomatic, very rich, high status, all facilities of material world, well furnished residence, entertainment, Dance bars, cinema halls, kiss, sleeping bed, bed-rooms, beautiful cloths, newly married woman, call girl, young age, silver, less water, semen, ovum, attractive woman, exhibition of body parts for sexual attraction, film industry, singers, water sports, group of females, dancing, swimming, maid servant, enjoys mating, skilled in sexual activities, material world, illusion, animal like behavior, weakness due to excessive sexual activity, loss of energy, beautiful body organs, extreme urge for sex, less clothing, expenditure, loss, status, all secrets related to 7th house, ornaments, jewelry, diamond, silk, multicolor cloths, perfumes, pleasant atmosphere, music lover, touch and feel, happiness from opposite sex, affairs, early marriage, intelligent, un used wisdom, Bhoga priya, extra marital affairs, secret organs, cows, Maha Lakshmi, material prosperity, happiness from material objects,

SATURN: sorrow, obstacles, decrease, downfall, income, profession, Maha-dukha, death, longevity, servant, service class people, technical qualification, sorrow, depression, legs, eunuch by age or default, almonds, soap, uses very less water, ice, cold & cough, dirty, odd smell, death like situations but no death, jealousy, hospital, mean, un-kind, selfish, waste expenditures, loss of money, never parts his articles, no donations, donations under extreme emotions, ass, disrespect, criticisms, fault finder, false words, old age, long body parts, big teeths, black complexion, Yoga, residential flats of middle class, machinery, handicap, surgical treatment, surgeons, bastard, eunuch, malefic karma, western direction, Paataal lok, misuse of power, animal like behavior, arrogant, Maha-Murkha, practical experiences, without a teacher, learns from mistakes, shudra, rejected by society, hatred, over-reaction, worn out cloth, damaged shoes, filthy hairs, hard words, karma fhala, failures, tall and thin, less skin, bony structure, black color, loss of job, no income, loneliness, self centered, aloof, self conscious, learns from past mistakes, vata, iron, valueless, looking down, life long servant, reduction, demotion, allegations, cremation ground, asuchi, jails, imprisonment, beggar, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, black udad, Mustard oil, Neelam, low profile works, labor class, huts, living in open air, small closed rooms, window less rooms, dark rooms, revenge, defeat, urinary problems, joint pains, paralysis, loss of memory, loss of vitality, poor immune power, slow movement, slow progress, late marriage, Vairagya, no educational degrees, no illumination, chronic diseases, wine, slow poison, Halaal Meeth, negative energy, duty, agyani, dogs, eagle, foreign languages, foreigners

RAHU: false logic, unstable, dissatisfied, makes and changes laws at his sweat will, cheatings and frauds, highly malefic karmas, planned malefic deeds, big gangsters, top terrorists, south, widow, bad smell, sweepers, character less, par istri or veshya gamana, swellings, Chaaya, bhut, prait, peeshash, invisible, grand father, false, malefic intentions, muslim, kabristaan, majaar, peer baba, chadar chadhana, sarpa, secretive, secret organs, ovary, testicles, leprosy, having sex with animals, sudden death, suddenness, great success, great wealth, material intuition power, Maha-Gyana, hair-line distance from God, foreign residence, round about, Urdu language, very hard words, retrogression, opposite results, Wheel, Saturn like results, nest, open terrace, wide roads and wide lanes, top spread of trees, wooden logs, bones of dead person, dragon’s head, smoking generated non treatable cough, gamblers, workless, speculation, gains without efforts, sudden gains, tunnels, illusions, confusions, chronic diseases, undiagnosed diseases, state of absent mindedness, shadyantra, poison, false image in society, skin diseases, un-expected behavior, trunk of elephant, serious obstacles, immense sorrow and hurting, bargad (banyan) tree, Samadhi, no hairs, dragon’s tail, tail, narrow lanes,

KETU: Moksha, top-most seat, top-most position, divine, dhwaja, Christians, chain, imprisonment, saints, stupidity, smoking, smoke, communicable diseases, maternal father, Tantra vidhya, Ganesha, Mars like, Doctor, dog, Sincerity and devotion, Maha Tapa, Brahma-Gyana, freedom from all illusions, all kinds of Aishwarya, seat above sun, mantra Shastra, Sidhi, high grade pain, Maun Vrat, Muni, T.B., freedom from imprisonment, atma Gyana, Vedanta, deep sorrows, events a person can never forget, emotional harassment, cheatings from very close relative like wife, mother, father, brother, sister etc. Shiv Gana, Cock, penis, vaginal crevice, tona-totka, rope, wires, roots, herbs, Dhruva (grass), kusha, wounds which can not be healed either physical or emotional, no work, Maha Santa, supreme energy, merged with all mighty, God like, trikaal gyani, immortal

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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